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Published on May 17th, 2013 | by Christian Cawley

Matt’s in The Sun

Appearing in this Saturday’s TV Magazine supplement in The Sun, Doctor Who star Matt Smith confirms that he will be back for Series 8.

Matt Cemented

Speculation had been mounting that he would be leaving during the Christmas special, but the actor reveals that he will be back for filming of the next full run of episodes.

I’m on a break for a couple of months while I’m in Detroit making How To Catch A Monster.

We come back and shoot the Christmas special over the summer, then we go on to the next series, which will either start filming at the end of this year or at the start of 2014.

Of course, what Matt doesn’t tell us is how much of Series 8 he will be in. Fingers crossed for all of it…

The quotes are part of a longer interview which also features Jenna-Louise Coleman.

(Via The Sun.)


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20 Responses to Matt’s in The Sun

  1. Hope his hair grows back in time for filming Doctor Who.

  2. avatar louise says:

    yes yes yes!! great news. cant wait

  3. avatar Bob James says:

    I’ve always been convinced that we’ll get one more series, or a part of one more series from Matt in 2014. He obviously still loves playing the Doctor, and he has been given the time to pursue other projects as well, so his overall career is thriving. And, his hair will grow back. Even if it’s a different looking Doctor when we next see him, I just glad he’s staying onboard for a while longer.

  4. avatar John Shandler says:

    As I’ve said all along, filming at the end of 2013/start of 2014. Which means no new series until Autumn 2014, most likely split into two halves again.
    I have been shot down in flames time and time again by people saying ‘you don’t know this’, ‘it hasn’t been announced’ and ‘you are being negative’. The same people who wouldn’t accept that there would be no new series in the anniversary year and that there is only one anniversary special.
    Great to see Matt Smith continuing, but these ‘season breaks’ are becoming ridiculous.
    So, to clarify, a 16 month break before the next series.
    But, of course, I ‘don’t know this’ and I am ‘being negative’. Doesn’t stop me being correct though, does it?

    • avatar Douglas Slee says:

      Of course you are correct. I, too, am getting sick and tired of the “split” season explanation for the fact that the BBC don’t want to shell out the money for a full and complete season. Pretty soon now, we won’t even get split seasons, we’ll just be getting 8 episodes per year.
      Wait-a-minute!! That’s EXACTLY what’s happening THIS year!!!!

      • Is it?

        I make it 10 this year.

        • avatar Douglas Slee says:

          Still NOT 14. A season and a Christmas special.

    • Hmm. Hardly a tough one to work out based on previous form since 2011!

      I would be surprised if they went with another split season (based on hearsay), but it wouldn’t surprise me.

      But really, is 16 months all that long? Many other shows have long gaps like that between series, and we have the benefit of being fans of a cultural behemoth.

      • avatar Douglas Slee says:

        16 months is WAY too long.
        It starting to feel like 1987 all over again when the BBC started cutting back on eps for “budgetary reasons” just before the axe fell.
        You have a product that rakes in millions for you, you don’t cut back on that product.
        If the BBC is having such a hard time financing a full season of their top scripted show, they might want to re-examine their budget.
        Just saying.

        • avatar Darren K says:

          It is not at all like 1987. In 1987 the BBC HATED and misunderstood Doctor Who and were trying to find ways to kill it. In 2013 the BBC LOVE Doctor Who and are financing it the best it can, under a hostile government that has frozen its budget while inflation goes on, while still trying to follow its remit of creating other programming.

        • avatar Elder Wraith says:

          Er…”top scripted show” – wouldn’t that be Eastenders, by the usual way of reckoning these things (BARB etc)? And, I believe, it has a noteworthy overseas audience as well. I’d be happy to be proved wrong! Also Call The Midwife seems to have done well when it’s been on, and has been exported to over 100 countries worldwide.

          And “they might want to re-examine their budget” – a touch of “Be careful what you wish for” there, perhaps? :O)

          A look at BBC Worldwide’s dedicated website for their showcase event in February (search on bbcworldwideshowcase and you’ll have it) is illuminating as to the scale of their operation. Doctor Who does get its share of mention because of the fiftieth, but the website does convey the extent to which it is just one face in the crowd, and without seeing the numbers, who’s to say that it’s the most lucrative?

          • avatar Bob James says:

            None of the other aforementioned shows has the amount of extensive merchandising that Doctor Who does, in the UK or in the worldwide market. Merchandising brings in a LOT of revenue, as the BBC has its own publishing arm, and then grants licenses to companies that produce audioplays (Big Finish, although the BBC has AudioGo as well), action figures, puzzles, mugs, posters, and other collectibles, etc. You don’t see Eastenders or Call The Midwife action figures, plush toys, games, etc., and these do generate a substantial amount of revenue from the Doctor Who “brand”. Doctor Who is a much more vast commercial force for the BBC, in the UK and globally, and even remained so to a fair extent when it wasn’t on television between 1990 through 2005. So to state that it is most likely the most lucrative endeavor the BBC has going is a given.

    • avatar RO says:

      Coming Nov. 23rd (I assume 2013, not 2014), according to the closing scene just played Sat May 18, 2013.

  5. avatar Bob James says:

    The “season breaks” are most probably down to the BBC, John. I don’t recall disputing the late 2013/early 2014 shooting schedule, and the Autumn 2014 transmission. I have said elsewhere that we fans need to have been prepared for this. The BBC is still very much committed to making Doctor Who, but in these current times of cutbacks and budget crunching, there was no scenario in which Doctor Who was not going to be effected. Yes, we’ll be getting less episodes, that is simply the reality of things. This is not down to Moffat’s workload, Matt Smith’s career, or any other figment of fandom’s imagination. It’s about money, and how budgets have to be made to work to maintain top notch production quality and values, when those budgets are reduced, or not increased. Not everyone is going to be willing to accept this, but there is nothing we, Steven Moffat, or anyone else can do about it. It’s the BBC in 2013, 2014, and beyond. It’s simply the way it is and will be. For those inclined to, contact the BBC and present your complaints. Christian has spoken of an article he will post when Series 7B concludes, which I believe will go a long way in confirming this, in regards at least to why this series was split, and why fewer episodes were produced, etc. This is down to decisions that the BBC has made and Moffat has had to abide by.

  6. avatar rickjlundeen says:

    There’s really no valid excuse for the split seasons unless it’s spring and summer of the same year like they did with series 6, instead of 5 one year, 8 the next like series 7. That’s just ridiculous. One of the worst years was the year of the Tennant specials because that 8 month break between specials was interminable. We really should be in the middle of series 8 right now and that would have meant Matt would be staying for a 5th series next year. The Beeb is kinda wasting his time by stretching things out. Hopefully the BBC has saved enough money to let the show continue on it’s usual path.

  7. avatar Bob James says:

    Rickjlundeen, you’re missing the math here. There will be a reduced number of episodes. At the moment, 13 over a split two year stretch. That’s the equivalent of taking out 13 episodes, the usual number of a series out completely. Does that suck? Yes, it does, but that appears to be the format that the BBC are putting in place. I wish they would come out and say it. “We are reducing the number of episodes of Doctor Who we are producing”, would be the honest, direct approach and answer. The last Tennant year of specials was done that way because there was a whole changing of the guard in regards to the production team, in addition to a new Doctor coming in. You want more Doctor Who? Well you’re going to get more Doctor Who, but also less of it at the same time. The BBC have decided to MAKE CUTS, to produce a LESSER amount of episodes. If they didn’t divide the number of episodes and the way they will be transmitted, that could make for a whole year of a wait between series. Would you rather have it that way? Here’s the bottom line. They used to produce 13 episodes of Doctor Who per series, and a Christmas special, and transmit them over the course of one year. That’s not happening anymore. They are now producing 13 episodes and a Christmas special and transmitting them over the course of two years with the Christmas special as the midpoint. That’s what they’re doing. The BBC have made that decision. As I said above, and Christian has began to relate elsewhere, that has nothing to do with Moffat, Smith, or anyone else. The BBC have decided that this is the way, for the present, that Doctor Who will be made and broadcast. You don’t like, I don’t like it, a lot of people don’t like it, but that doesn’t/won’t change anything.

  8. avatar Andrew Brown says:

    Thing is, we’re not legally entitled to 14 episodes… Does nobody remember the dark days when we thought it was kind of cool to get a ‘Tardisode’? And now we’re whining about ‘only’ getting 8 45 minute episodes…

  9. avatar gavinio says:

    I’d sooner have only eight episodes a year than none at all!

    I’m not a fan of split seasons. Ideally I’d rather have 13 episodes because I think it builds momentum to the finale – something which has been lacking in the last couple of series, especially this one where for the first time since the series return I don’t have any sense of anticipation for the finale.

    However if the alternative to split seasons is no seasons I’ll go with the former.

  10. avatar Maria says:

    Clicked on The Sun article. Deleted? What’s going on there?

    • I think it is now behind a paywall. They archive content away for paid readers, AFAIR

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