Doctor Who News John Hurt cast in Doctor Who's 50th anniversary

Published on May 9th, 2013 | by Christian Cawley

John Hurt Lets Something Slip…

Speculation about John Hurt’s role in the Doctor Who 50th anniversary has been rife across the web since his casting was announced. Could a recent comment have confirmed at least one of those rumours or theories?

John Hurt cast in Doctor Who's 50th anniversary

[spoiler ]

Speaking to the Eastern Daily Press at an event at Sheringham Little Theatre, Hurt revealed something of the nature of his character…

Mr Hurt, who lives near Cromer, earlier told the EDP he had just finished shooting a Dr Who 3D special in which he plays “part of the Doctor” in a “kind of trinity” which includes David Tennant.

We naturally wouldn’t want anyone to get too excited/dismayed about this (that disclaimer’s an indication of the general mood of fandom if ever I saw one…) but it makes for very interesting reading.


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11 Responses to John Hurt Lets Something Slip…

  1. avatar vortexter says:

    Dont read my post if you didnt click on the spoiler…

    Ha Ha! Yes, that’s what I heard as well. Sounds pretty cool if its true and why not? It ties in with the Mind duel scene in Brain of Morbius: Perhaps there are ‘inbetween’ Doctors who are considered and not picked at the moment of regeneration. Or unbound Doctors like Big Finish presents. And if not who knows what the Time War did to the Doctor? Interesting stuff. I hope they do present him as the Doctor and hopefully not press the ‘Reset’ button at the end and ignore him as cannon.

  2. avatar authorman94 says:

    “Part of the Doctor”? So, not actually the Doctor? Possibly a part of his persona personified, like his good side, or is he a Doctor created by another incarnation to get himself out of a tight situation? Either way, sounds intriguing.

  3. avatar Howard Railton says:

    John Hurt’s a great actor, but we really need McCoy and McGann etc., the ‘actual’ doctors…

  4. avatar TonyS says:

    Well it’s filmed now so it’s unlikely that we can (0r should) be able to get it changed. Let’s see what appears in November

  5. avatar Michael Wooten says:

    I think the most interesting twist for the “trinity” would be a future regeneration. It was teased in “The Next Doctor”, but a multi-doctor story with the 12th Doctor would be interesting. Of course at the end of the story there would be something that would prevent Matt Smith from regenerating into him and thus remove that regeneration forever, probably making him an alternate 12th Doctor.

  6. avatar Koth says:

    What if he’s the recast 8th Doctor? Although, I read he could be something between the Doctors 8-9th incarnations during the Time War. It would be a bit disappointing for Paul McGann

  7. avatar Paulw says:

    So if as some sites claim (Blastr) John Hurt is playing a ” forgotten ” Doctor from The Time Wars Making DT 11th Doctor and MS 12th. So that would mean ” The fall of the 11th would refer to DT’s Doctor

  8. avatar Mugen Pharoah says:

    The Valeyard? Or a ‘light side’ version of the Valeyard perhaps?

  9. The Watcher, The Valeyard, The Dream Lord; so many “semi-Doctors” what’s one more?

  10. avatar Ray Currie says:

    I’m thinking of the New Adventure “Head Games” in which an incarnation of the Doctor, “Time’s Champion” is “sealed” in a section of the Doctor’s brain. It was suggested that a Timelord’s brain had 13 memory sections, one for each of his/her incarnations. In this case “Time’s Champion” was overwhelmed by the “spirits” of the other Doctors & walled up in his particular section.

  11. avatar layla says:

    i’ve been trying to figure out his involvement ever since the finale. November can’t get here quick enough!

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