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Published on May 1st, 2013 | by Meredith Burdett

Gatiss: Crimson Horror Is “lurid, Victorian penny-dreadful”

This Saturday’s brand new episode of Doctor Who sees the return of Mark Gatiss as writer for the show.

Doctor Who: The Crimson Horror

Those of you that felt Cold War wasn’t Gatiss-ey enough needn’t worry, this is the macabre story teller back to his usual self, with gothic undertones and a Victorian setting. Not that Cold War was bad, in fact it was brilliant, but we all know and love Gatiss for his oddball stories, and The Crimson Horror looks set to deliver.

Guest starring Dame Diana Rigg (in her native Doncaster accent-who would ever have guessed?) as vile Yorkshire factory owner Winifred Gillyflower and her real life daughter Rachael Stirling as screen daughter Ada, The Crimson Horror is a story that writer Gatiss has tailor written for the pair:

Last year, I was in a play with Rachael [Stirling] and we all had dinner after the show. It transpired that they’d never actually appeared in anything together, so the next day I said to Rachael, ‘Would your mum do a Doctor Who if I wrote it for you both?’ She said, ‘Oh yes!’

And really, the creepy adventure sums up a Gatiss story to a tee:

I wanted the adventure to feel very distinctive and it really does. A lurid, Victorian penny-dreadful with Vastra, Jenny and Strax and ’orrible murder. It’s very me!

And what’s even more interesting is what the Victorian crime fighting trio will make of the new version of Clara, a woman that died during their last adventure with the Doctor…

The Crimson Horror is on BBC One this Saturday at 6.30pm and on BBC America at 8 ET.


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  1. avatar krumstets says:

    Riggs’ native accent is not from up north as she was 2 months old when she left.
    She never had a northern accent.

    • Actually she studied in Leeds when she was older, so that would have helped…

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