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Published on May 12th, 2013 | by Christian Cawley

Doctor Who Fans: Leave the Internet NOW

Okay, the following is an instruction for those of you who don’t want to find themselves spoilered by what is an almighty cock-up in North American: Blu-ray editions of Doctor Who Series 7 Part Two have shipped already, and include The Name of the Doctor.

The Name of the Doctor- TV Trailer - Doctor Who Series 7 Part 2 Finale (2013) - BBC One.mp40015

To repeat: The Name of the Doctor has been leaked to thousands of Doctor Who fans in the USA, via the BBC America shop.

It is only a matter of time before one such recipient decides to leak the episode online. When this happens, the World Wide Web will be awash with conversation about the finale.

As such, you should be making active preparations to disconnect from the Internet – and, we regret  to say, Kasterborous – until next Saturday. While we won’t be spoilering the finale in any way, shape or form, we’re sure that Twitter, Facebook, and other websites will.

It’s not worth the risk, Kasterborites. See you on the other side.

Don’t Download!

Okay, here’s out first update to this story. First of all, Edward Russell, who used to be BBC Brand Manager for Doctor Who:

A “production error” affecting distribution? Unusual setup they have there, eh?

But the most important thing is this: even if those recipients of the Blu-ray edition in North America have the knowledge to rip and upload the episode, you shouldn’t download it. You have no way of knowing what the file you’re downloading is before making checks. Although some download sites have comments features for downloaders to share their opinions of the file concerned, most don’t.

Given the number of threats Doctor Who fans have faced from scammers recently (from a “sex tape” of Jenna-Louise Coleman to Rogue Cyberman – who apparently has managed to get hold of a copy, surprise, surprise) waiting six days isn’t going to kill you, is it?

BBC Confirms Leak

The BBC has used the Doctor Who Facebook Page this evening to confirm the leak.

We understand that a small number of US fans have received in error their DVD edition of Series 7 Part 2 early. We respectfully ask those fans not to divulge information or post content publicly so that fellow fans who have yet to see the episodes do not have their viewing pleasure ruined.
If everyone keeps the secrets safe until next Saturday we will release a special new clip featuring material of the Tenth AND Eleventh Doctor!

Nice of them – let’s hope everyone plays ball!

More Leak Threats

Overnight things got a little bit silly. Both Wikipedia’s main Doctor Who page and the Wikia TARDIS online reference have been hacked, with spoilers from The Name of the Doctor revealed. At the time of writing the former issue has been resolved.

What this should demonstrate is that nowhere is safe from spoilers.


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37 Responses to Doctor Who Fans: Leave the Internet NOW

  1. avatar simon says:

    If anyone does find any juicy gossip though, please share it for those of us who do want to know! :)

  2. avatar TimeChaser says:

    Hmm, perhaps I should pre-order the Blu-Ray from BBC America Shop after all…

  3. avatar Koth says:

    Come on, spoil!

  4. Any spoilers posted on Kasterborous will be removed.

    • avatar Koth says:


  5. avatar vortexter says:

    Dammitt! The Americans got the ‘Five Doctors’ early and now they’ve got this as well! I’d write to my local MP but he’d laugh himself into a coma. Now are we talking about the episode or the Doctors name that’s on the Blu-ray? Good news is that my cousin Billy-Bob who lives in the US of A has watched the story in question and can confirm that Clara has been revealed as the love child of the Dr and the terrible Zodin, Trenzalore is a burger shop ouside north Yorkshire where the question in plain sight must never be asked (what really is inside your beefburgers?) And don’t worry, none of it really matters as they press the reset button at the end anyway. And the Drs name? Here goes: it’s xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (deleted by order of the Grand Moff! All hail the Moffatt)

    • avatar TimeChaser says:

      Its not as if we get things early all the time. We had to wait til after Season 2 was already over before the new series even got aired on TV over here.

      • avatar Bob James says:

        Thank God for region free dvd players. That waiting period was the whole reason I purchased one. I kept up by buying the import UK volumes.

  6. avatar Dan Hallett says:

    Don’t just avoid the internet you might want to avoid The Sun as well as they will take great delight in sharing whatever spoliers are exposed on tinternet. In fact The Sun is best avoided in general.

  7. avatar John Shandler says:

    Can we guess that the last scene in the episode that has not been shown as previews to critics involves David Tennant?

  8. avatar Gary M says:

    How good is the picture quality? Or does that count as a spoiler?

  9. avatar Erika says:

    Only ONE person has confirmed receiving the DVD and NO spoilers have yet been posted that can be verified with multiple people. ONE person on tumblr is posting spoilers that are sourced from 4chan since a while back and is most like BS. Stay skeptic, people.

    • avatar ThyRubarb says:

      Spoilers not on Youtube, not on Piratebay or Isohunt. Not even fakes. So what is this fluff warning about malware? I get more malware from downloading released episodes lol.

      • Malware isn’t a fluff warning. Dismissing that threat is dangerous – especially as I’ve already seen at least two posts on Twitter linking to fake uploads.

        Incidentally, when I’m not writing about Doctor Who, I write about consumer technology professionally, so I have some familiarity with the topic.

        And hey, Sophos agree with me. They even linked back to this article! (

  10. avatar daff69Daff says:

    Yes yes waiting 6 days will kill me!! Lol!!

  11. avatar vortexter says:

    Apologies for putting this on the wrong thread but I have to discuss it somewhere. Did anyone else notice in ‘Nightmare in Silver’ that when the Doctors previous regenerations flash up there is a pause between the 10th and 11th and a ‘face appears’ which is blanked out! Or is it just me?

    • avatar bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbc says:


    • avatar larrythefatcat says:

      It’s not a face, it’s a 3/4-body shot of David Tennant regenerating into Matt Smith…

  12. avatar ice says:

    You’re an idiot, Cawley. If this is your stance, as which the LMAO Snowmen controversy (!), why does your site give teases and speculation? It’s all so goddamn hypocritical.

    • I’m an idiot? You can’t even construct a sentence.

      • avatar David F says:

        Dear Ice

        Details that are released by the makers in advance of broadcast are not spoilers.

        Surprises and plot twists that the makers don’t want revealed before broadcast are spoilers.

        It’s very simple. Not sure what part of it you don’t follow.

      • avatar Ice says:

        I think you’ve confused “can’t construct a sentence” with “misspelled one word.” Prat.

        • You’ve insulted me for no reason in two posts. You’re a big man, hiding behind your “Ice” handle, aren’t you?

          Your initial post makes no sense, an incoherent mess.

          Come back when you have something to say that people can read, eh?

          • avatar zarbisupremo says:

            Kick ‘is ‘ead in, mate ! ;-)

  13. avatar GallifreyanFallenAngel says:

    There goes my week of speculation. :P It’s so serious Doctor Who TV has shut down comments until after the premiere in the UK at least. If you see a spoiler, find a Silence and stare until you forget the spoilers. I want to be surprised for once. I’m sorry that I as an American I live in a country where spoilers are bound to get out at this point. :P Ah well. I’ll just watch some classic Who until further notice.

    • avatar bbbbc says:

      Oh, the ending was hilarious, you’re gonna love it, [name removed do to 50th ann. spoilers] was great.

    • avatar Lily Nooning says:


  14. avatar Al says:

    Fair enough avoiding the Internet, but what about newspapers? If there’s anything really of note they’ll blast it across the headlines.

  15. avatar TonyS says:

    Well what a good way to get us all talking about next week’s episode! Or am I being unduly cynical? Just read that back and the answer is “yes”, isn’t it?

  16. avatar Dsrrow says:

    Theta Sigma. We’ve known his name since the Armageddon Factor

    • avatar zarbisupremo says:

      No, that was his nickname.

  17. avatar RequiredName says:

    Why shouldn’t we watch it? Better to take the bitter pill of Moffat slowly destroying a once-beloved series so that we may all begin a long period of mourning and recuperation earlier, than to allow these people higher ratings for piss-poor writing. Hell, until a legit torrent does show up (which it hasn’t), this is just a ruse for Moffat to troll the fans he hates and make up an excuse about how he’s turned this show into total shit.

    • All of that would be fair enough… if it was fact. But it’s just your opinion.

      Moffat isn’t “destroying a once-beloved series” – he’s simply making one you clearly don’t like.

      I won’t tell you to get over it or anything like that as that would be insulting, but yours isn’t the ultimate view of things :)

    • avatar Dr Hula Hoop says:

      I agree with this poster.

      • avatar Dr Hula Hoop says:

        I mean I agree with “RequiredName” and what he says about Moffat, I also think he’s killing the show and has turned it shit. A decent show on ITV at the same time would now pose a serious challenge.

  18. avatar STLShawn says:

    Wow, just watched it,,,,,, who’d have thought the doctor’s name was Booboo Schnuckums Kissyface the third. I see why he wanted to keep it secret.

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