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Published on May 2nd, 2013 | by Meredith Burdett

Diana Rigg: “Your Career Cannot Be Your Life.”

Dame Diana Rigg. If you’re not in love with her, then you should be. The Star of 1960’s espionage series The Avengers and late wife of James Bond in 1969’s On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, the lady has been commented on for her charm and her wit from directors and co-stars alike.

Doctor Who: The Crimson Horror

So it comes as no real surprise that the actress found it hard to keep the giggles away (also known in the acting world as corpsing, darling) when acting in Doctor Who alongside her daughter Rachael Stirling for this Saturday’s newest episode, The Crimson Horror. In fact, Dame Diana worries that you might see through her performance:

Rachie and I had great difficulty keeping a straight face in some scenes. Hopefully we’re believable.

We’re very sure, however, that these two great actresses won’t suspend the horror and excitement in Saturday’s offering.

Doctor Who: The Crimson Horror

In the short interview with the Telegraph, Rigg also talked about the potential pitfalls of working alongside her daughter and also a younger generation of actors and actresses:

I don’t think there’s any competition between us… I say, ‘Go ahead, do your stuff.’ I’ve handed her the baton, but as any mother will tell you, ‘Keep your mouth shut.’ She does what she wants, is strong and good, and has my total approval.

She then made a rather poignant comment regarding acting as a career and taking it too seriously:

Your career cannot be your life. I’ve met women who are hungry for every part and don’t feel they exist unless they have a series of jobs lined up. They imbue acting with an importance which, frankly, it doesn’t have. Sad cases.

Dame Diana Rigg will be appearing alongside her daughter Rachel Stirling in The Crimson Horror on Saturday 4th May on BBC One and BBC One HD. You can read the rest of the interview with her here.


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  1. avatar vortexter says:

    I would like to fall in lover with her, nut she told me to keep away…

  2. avatar vortexter says:

    That should read ‘love’ and ‘but’!. Sorry!

    • Calm down ;)

  3. avatar Dr Hula Hoop says:

    She’s great in Game of Thrones too, a real quality addition to the cast, she delivers her withering throwaway insults with great aplomb.

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