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Published on May 27th, 2013 | by Christian Cawley

Clarence and the Whispermen DVD Extra

Gee, thanks BBC. One of the most intriguing notions put forward by The Name of the Doctor – namely that the insane can “hear” background chatter – has been soundly dismissed in a DVD extra, Clarence and the Whispermen.

Featuring the Whispermen paying a visit to the incarcerated murderer Clarence – seen at the beginning of The Name of the Doctor offering Madame Vastra information that might save his life – the scene really adds nothing to the episode other than spelling things out for those viewers who like everything explained to them.

Other than the fact that same viewers should perhaps take up reading rather than testing their mental agility with Doctor Who (and no, it isn’t rocket science), the prologue/prequel/learn-the-difference-please-PR-people’s only redeeming feature is that “Clarence and the Whispermen” is an awesome name for a band.

The Doctor Who Series 7 Part 2 DVD is out in shops today (May 27th), and can be bought from Amazon for £17.75 while the Blu-ray edition will set you back £18.71


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8 Responses to Clarence and the Whispermen DVD Extra

  1. avatar FrancoPabloDiablo says:

    Fair enough it doesn’t really add anything. But it’s nonetheless a pleasantly creepy little skit and a welcome extra on the DVD set.

  2. avatar Mark Lenton says:

    Oooh, people who think that stories should make sense are now targets for insults… very interesting…

    Liked the extra – are there any others on the set?

    • If I may just remove my tongue from my cheek…

    • Clara’s White Christmas
    • Vastra Investigates
    • The Great Detective from Children in Need
    • The Bells of Saint John – a prequel.
  • avatar Al says:

    It’s OK, but I’m upset they apparently didn’t include She Said, He Said. They better be saving it as value added for the complete season box set. There will be a complete season box set … right?

  • avatar Jim Neilson says:

    My understanding from other discussions is that the reason this might be ‘needful’ in the story is that without it, the of the GI’s plans seems to rely on a coincidence. This changes things such that we know the GI planned to have the doctor’s friends all communing in a dream-conference and hence (presumably) were more accessible for kidnapping. Or something like that. It does do *something* insofar as it makes it clear how much planning and influence the GI had in how events transpired, rather than being random. Nice n’creepy too.

  • avatar iank says:

    Ha, that is pretty much exactly what I assumed was the case.

  • avatar TonyS says:

    My copy of the box set arrived today. Let’s see whether the finale lives up to all the hype :)

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