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Published on May 25th, 2013 | by Christian Cawley

BFI to Screen Remembrance of the Daleks

If there is one thing that Doctor Who fans should recognise, it’s that not all eras are considered the same. Whether we’re talking hardcore fans or the public at large, there are some popular preconceptions that aren’t particularly accurate. For instance, the idea that Sylvester McCoy wasn’t a good Doctor. Or that the last years of Doctor Who’s original run were in some way poor.

Remembrance of the Daleks

The truth is, neither of these things are accurate. At times Sylvester failed to impress; at others he was superb. Similarly, his scripts were extremely mixed, from the superb Remembrance of the Daleks to the almost-identical-but-not-as-compelling Silver Nemesis (a serial saved by some excellent direction).

As if to confirm this, the BFI will be screening Remembrance on July 27th, 2013 as part of their Doctor Who at 50 series and welcoming guests Sylvester McCoy and Sophie Aldred to watch and discuss the serial. Tickets for the event go on sale June 11th at 11.30am, and as with recent events a ticket ballot will ensure a fair distribution of BFI members and none members.

Full details can be found at the BFI website.


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8 Responses to BFI to Screen Remembrance of the Daleks

  1. avatar lozzer says:

    For me The Curse Of Fenric is McCoy’s best story, but I understand completely why they chose Remembrance Of The Daleks. I’d love to b there, shame Manchester is so far away…

    • avatar lozzer says:

      I meant to say it’s a shame I’m stuck in Manchester – I don’t want to cause confusion and have people think the PFI is here in not so sunny Manchester… it’s not!

  2. avatar TimeChaser says:

    I’m hoping BBC America chooses ‘Remembrance’ for their Doctors Revisited series. I think it would make sense. So far they have not aired a classic Dalek story, and this one is pretty much the best one still in existence from the original series, plus with its return to 1963 and the original setting of Totter’s Lane and Coal Hill School, its perfect for the anniversary year.

  3. avatar dr jon says:

    I agree with lozzer that curse of fenric was his best story,but remembrance of the daleks was a close second. Glad they didn’t pick that ice world rubbish.

  4. avatar Bob James says:

    They did get it so incredibly right towards the end didn’t they? The last two seasons, the Andrew Cartmel Masterplan, Sylvester really coming into his own as the Doctor, Sophie getting to really expand with Ace, it was all coming together and moving forward so nicely. Then, in came the wilderness years………..

  5. avatar zarbisupremo says:

    Definitely the best choice for the 7th Doctor. I read in The Eighties book that the BBC had approached Paul Stone, who had produced The Box Of Delights and other genre series, to take over from JNT around season 26, but he turned it down. It would have been interesting to see how that would have turned out if he had accepted.

    • That would have been very interesting, he made some excellent shows.

  6. avatar zarbisupremo says:

    I remember Moondial and Aliens In The Family being quite scary in places. I loved The Box Of Delights, but unfortunately it’s one of those series which has dated very badly. Old Pat is great to watch as always, definitely one of the greatest character actors ever.

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