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Published on May 18th, 2013 | by Christian Cawley

BBC Confirms Series 8 & Anniversary Episode Date!

The news we’ve all been impatiently waiting for has been confirmed by the BBC at last – Doctor Who Series 8 has been commissioned!


Thanks to the official Doctor Who website we now know that everything is official for the next run of episodes, which may even by Steven Moffat’s last, although the showrunner is apparently busy planning the series. Meanwhile, Matt Smith has said that he expects shooting to start late this year or early in 2014. At this point we don’t know how many episodes will comprise Series 8.

At the same time, the BBC has also finally confirmed that the Doctor Who anniversary episode (described as a “frankly Earth-shattering adventure that celebrates half a century of Doctor Who“) will indeed air on the fortuitous calendar quirk of Saturday, 23rd November, 2013.

The countdown has already begun!

(Cheers Paddy!)


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15 Responses to BBC Confirms Series 8 & Anniversary Episode Date!

  1. avatar gwylock1 says:

    It seems so far away! I could rewatch the entire classic series between then and now!

    • challenge accepted!

    • avatar TimeChaser says:

      That would be a good challenge for everyone. How much Doctor Who could you watch/read/listen to between now and the anniversary special, and then til the next season.

    • avatar gavinio says:

      It is possible to do it in as little as three months!

  2. avatar Andrew says:

    Bit sceptical about this “Introducing John Hurt” – I’m sure I’ve seen him in things before.

    • avatar zarbisupremo says:

      Wasn’t he in some obscure sci-fi film in 1979 ? ;-)

      • avatar Sean says:

        Read carefully. They’re introducing him as the Doctor, not as John Hurt the actor.

        • avatar Matt says:

          I don’t think they were being serious Sean. But bless you.

      • avatar Derek D says:

        IIRC he starred as Winston in the 1984 production of “1984″. He got naked in that one.

        • avatar zarbisupremo says:

          He was a rabbit in Watership Down too. My pet rabbit died the night after first watched that film, on the last Saturday of 1985. :-(

  3. avatar Koth says:

    Its nice of the BBC to catch up on news we already know.

    • avatar Robert Cyberman says:

      Indeed I think I would of preferred the title of the special being announced instead

  4. avatar gavinio says:

    Rose: The Lisp is Back (yet again!)

  5. avatar vortexter says:

    The Christmas special title has been leaked. Its called ‘Its a Wonderful Wife’ The Doctor feels he’s not made a difference in life so he deletes himself finally from history before River arrives and shows him what a difference he’s made and how it cant function without him. Rivers digital children in the library have a little rhyme: ‘Every time a bell rings, a weeping angel gets it’s wings’.

  6. avatar Laurie says:

    no way

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