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Published on April 3rd, 2013 | by Christian Cawley

Tenth Doctor – Taken Out of Time? [SPOILER?]

Since the news that David Tennant is returning for Doctor Who‘s 50th anniversary was released on Saturday, the web has come close to meltdown with excitement and speculation.

Just how will the Tenth Doctor be included? Photos of Tennant with Matt Smith suggest that the pair will interact, but just when in the Tenth Doctor’s adventures will this occur? Well, photos taken on location yesterday and featured in The Mirror today might just give things away

[spoiler ]

Many fans have speculated that the combination of David Tennant and Billie Piper’s casting suggests that the pair will be seen together, perhaps with the half-human Pete’s World version of the Doctor making an appearance rather than the actual Time Lord. However…

The photos snapped on location reveal David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor, a Zygon and Joanna Page dressed in an outfit and wig that suggest she is playing Queen Elizabeth I.

David Tennant, Joanna Page and Zygons on location for Doctor Who 50th anniversary

Fans of the Tenth Doctor will know that he has encountered the Virgin Queen twice before, once  on-screen in The Shakespeare Code and again off-screen in The End of Time, Part One – a story in which he was pretty morose at the prospect of his impending regeneration.

Could the Tenth Doctor have been taken out of time during this off-screen meeting with a much younger and attractive Queen Elizabeth I?

And if so, does that pave the way for Rose Tyler to be accompanied by another Doctor…?


Interesting, isn’t it?


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12 Responses to Tenth Doctor – Taken Out of Time? [SPOILER?]

  1. avatar TimeChaser says:

    I rather hope Billie’s role is smaller compared to David’s. I mean no offense, but if they wanted to take Ten out of his time stream they should have done it when he was with Donna, who is the superior Ten companion.

  2. avatar Si says:

    My pet theory (detailed on my blog) is that this is where the Doctor and Rose are while Love & Monsters is going on. ;)

  3. avatar Douglas Slee says:

    It’s been 3 blissfull years without any mention of Rose Tyler in the actual series. Why are they bringing her back again? Is Moffatt co-writing the 50th with Russell T Davies? ‘Cause RTD is the ONLY person who felt the need to mention Rose repeatedly and bring her back TWICE. This is the only reason I can think of for bringing this character back when there are BETTER companions for the Tenth Doctor to be brought back with. Heck, lonely, emo Tenth Doctor is preferrable.

  4. I don’t believe anyone has said that Rose is accompanying the Tenth Doctor.

    If you’ve read out speculation above, and the linked report, Billie Piper isn’t photographed. If the theory is right, the scene takes place after Waters of Mars.

    Until we find out who else is cast, don’t jump to conclusions…

    • avatar Paddy says:

      Actually it looks like Rose is with Ten – she was also pictured at the filming. Obviously it doesn’t follow they’re appearing together, could be different scenes in the same location.

      I can live with Rose being back as long as it is a “Taken out of time” type scenario. Any extension of her story is utterly pointless, and I don’t see them trying to do that – there’s nowhere to take it, and the special isn’t about her.

      I’m still holding out for Eccleston and McGann. Particularly McGann.

      • That’s no more Billie Piper than the bloke walking the horse!

        :not convinced:

        • avatar Paddy says:

          Do you think the horse is Arthur? (Girl in the Fireplace).

          If they’re bringing back Rose, and doing the distinctly-dodgy “Good Queen Bess” bit again, they might as well bring back the bloody horse.

    • avatar Douglas Slee says:

      As I said, emo, whiney Tenth Doctor alone is preferable to “love-sick” Tenth Doctor with Rose. And the question bears repeating, if the Tenth Doctor is alone, why is Rose even in this thing? Guess we’ll find out. And I also hold out hope for a McGann appearance!!!

    • avatar lozzer says:

      I’m thinking that Rose might just be a brief cameo in the story – if this takes place after the Waters of Mars, Queen Elizabeth 1st could be the Doctor’s companion, after all, he did say he got married to her…

  5. avatar TimeChaser says:

    So maybe Ten is in the middle of an adventure involving QEI and a Zygon when he’s whisked away and meets Eleven? That could work for me.

  6. avatar Mike Gordon says:

    I think it will be the doctor that came from the hand! When Donna became part timelord?…….the doctor that got to stay with rose on bad wolf bay that’s how I think it will be done! Because if you recall even though he only has one heart he still has timelord memories and thoughts so I think that’s the Dr they will bring back for David to play……..just a thought lol

  7. avatar Lynda B says:

    Nah. QE1 is the Zygon. The Doctor just married a Zygon. No wonder he said it was a mistake! :D :D

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