Doctor Who News Matt Smith & David Tennant at Doctor Who's 50th anniversary read through

Published on April 1st, 2013 | by Christian Cawley

Ten and Eleven at 50th Readthrough!

AS if this weekend wasn’t exciting enough for Doctor Who fans, the show’s official Facebook page has released a photo of Matt Smith and David Tennant at the 50th anniversary episode read through!

Matt Smith & David Tennant at Doctor Who's 50th anniversary read through

Click the above image for a hi-res version for your desktop, courtesy of the BBC!

Sadly there’s no sign of Billie Piper (following hers and Tennant’s confirmation yesterday) or anyone else (…) so let’s just get really, REALLY excited and hope for the best!

(Via Official Doctor Who Facebook Page


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21 Responses to Ten and Eleven at 50th Readthrough!

  1. avatar TimeChaser says:

    This would be even better with Paul McGann on the left. But hey, Ten and Eleven together on the same stage, I’m certainly stoked up for it.

    • I will be So damned heart broken if they do not cast Paul McGann in the 50th. The guy deserves it more than any other doctor. I can’t even comprehend WHY they wouldn’t cast him. He is still young and what better time to bring him back. He was a fantastic Doctor who I feel the BBC owes more screen time to. Why would the BBC NOT listen to what the fans want? Are the 8th Doctor fans really so far and few between? I will be so angry if they ignore Paul for the 50th. Big Finish is GREAT but NOT enough. Paul has said over and over again that he would do it if they just call him. I’m so exasperated right now. Tennant is a great Doctor too but he has had his time…Paul so cruelly has not.

    • OMFG!!! I just sent Paul McGann a tweet and he answered it. My tweet said “OK I’m getting impatient w/ all these DW 50th casting updates. Are U or are U not in the 50th TV special? Sorry 4 my attitude.” and Paul replied with this…”Well if I am nobody’s told me about it. Don’t hold your breath.” I mean REALLY! REALLY, REALLY, REALLY! I sincerely hope he is joking and has to keep this secret but if not….absolutely FUMING here!

      • avatar Philip Bates says:

        I’d love to see Paul again, and it’s likely that if he’s been approached, there’s no way he can announce it.

        But it’ll be alright – I’m sure the 50th anniversary will be brilliant. I do trust Moffat. And I think we’re lucky to be getting a multi-Doctor story, regardless of which Doctors are in it. I dunno – I’m just happy Doctor Who’s success means previous Docs can come back.

  2. avatar John Shandler says:

    They’d better be more. If it is just 10 and 11 this will be massively disappointing.

  3. avatar Barb says:

    They should be including McGann as well. Gotta agree just having Ten (or Ten.5) and Rose is sparse for such a huge anniversary.

  4. avatar J W says:

    The only Doctor I care about seeing make a return appearance is Paul McGann. If the Eighth Doctor doesn’t figure significantly in the 50th special I’m going to be extremely disappointed.

    • avatar gwylock1 says:

      Agreed! McGann’s not even aged much since the movie, and he’s said he’d be willing to be involved!

  5. avatar John Shandler says:

    McGann is my favourite, so I would love him to return.

  6. avatar Guy Grist says:

    I agree Paul McGann should be in it, but I think three doctors is the perfect amount, allow it would be nice if some of the big finish companions were referred to.

  7. avatar Pete says:

    Great to see them do this lets hope there is more to come. If Sean Pertwee wanted to play his dad do you think they would do it?

    • avatar Francis Cave says:

      Surely its more a case of if Sean Pertwee was asked if he would play this dad, would he do it, not the other way around! After all, he might not want to do it out of respect for his late dad and apart from a slight facial similarity would it really work?

  8. avatar lozzer says:

    Remember the Star Wars prequels…? Characters shoehorned into a story for little or no reason…? Well be careful what you wish for. I’d much rather have a strong story with links to the past, that will do everyone who has ever been involved proud – that includes us, the fans. Remember Dimensions In Time? Lots of ex- Doctor’s running around Albert Square looking out of shape and for something meaningful to do. Sometimes revisiting your ex isn’t always the smartest move. Lets just have a cracking story eh…

    • avatar John Shandler says:

      Moffat has had plenty of time to come up with a brilliant way of reuniting all the Doctors, after all he’s only writing half as much Who as RTD did with the seasons being cut in half. Dimensions in Time was put together at the very last minute when The Dark Dimension fell through. It was an unmitigated disaster, which I don’t think anyone can argue with. It is a totally different set of circumstances.
      However much I agree with both RTD and Moffat on bringing in new viewers (and new monsters and all that stuff), it’s the 50th. The fans have supported this show through thick and thin. This one show is OURS. It is for US. It is a celebration of the fact that this amazing, brilliant show is now 50 years old and should be a total and utter celebration of it. It needs to pay off the loyalty that we have shown it through brilliance and disappointment (Season 24/Voyage of the Damned I’m specifically looking at you as the worst examples).
      If it is only 10 and 11, that simply is not good enough. Enough from the Moffat apologists saying ‘trust him’. No, I won’t and I don’t. Season cuts. Broken promises of never being more than a few months away from the next episode/ the move to the autumn so that DW could be on when it is dark (he could seriously go into politics with that level of spin!). Storylines that are left unanswered (why exactly did the TARDIS blow up in the Season 5 finale?). Executive Producers leaving left, right and center. No new season in the anniversary year (oh wait, we are supposed to be grateful for the leftovers from last year- and from the fact that it won’t be until September 2014 until we get a new season- will that be cut in half too?).
      Agreed, cracking story needed. But multiple Doctors needed (while they are still with us- show them that respect before they are gone). And an episode that will have people saying ‘Wow!’ and not ‘is that it?’.
      How many episodes and storylines from Moffat’s tenure can you honestly say that about? The Eleventh Hour, The Doctor’s Wife, Asylum of the Daleks and The Snowmen probably. His reveals and twists, particularly Season 6 and The Doctor dying/Tessalecta substituting, were a complete waste of time and NOT a twist, just bad writing.
      Enough excuses. Enough ‘it cannot be done’. Just ‘enough’ full stop. This is the greatest science fiction show in the history of television. It has survived for 50 years. Treat it with the respect that it deserves. Treat the fans, and the viewing public, to the 50th show that they deserve. I hope that I am wrong about this, I really do, and that there is secret filming going on and the other surviving Doctors are bluffing and that there has been a news blackout. If so, hats off to Moffat. If not, what a shame, and what a waste.

      • avatar lozzer says:

        Well maybe if you’re a good boy you might get want you ask for… ‘Who’ knows….

        • avatar lozzer says:

          ‘What’ even…

      • Well said John Shandler. If Moffat chooses to ignore the classic doctors and just go with the current 3 (I will be absolutely heart broken if he doesn’t cast Paul McGann) I will not watch anymore future DW and demand Moffat’s resignation! I think people in general would be less upset if they have a weak special features all the doctors than a good but not knocking our socks off special with just the last 3 or 2 doctors. And why only one 90 minute special in November. Shouldn’t we be celebrating all of 2013. Why not 10 one hour specials where the 11th does a show with one doctor starting with One on through to ten? I don’t understand this. I particularly wnat Paul McGann to be recast. This is the perfect time. He still looks young and has always said he wants to come back if they JUST CALL HIM for god sake!

      • avatar francis cave says:

        Well said that man!

        I raise my hat to you sir!

        If the 50th anniversary story is not the time to celebrate everything that has gone before then I don’t see what is….

  9. avatar Philip Bates says:

    I reckon: Eighth; Ninth; Tenth; and Eleventh. I’d love to see more – Seventh and Fifth in particular, as they haven’t really changed much – but I’ll be happy with whatever. :)

  10. avatar Daniel says:

    Have you noticed the Dalek sucker in the picture? And does that look like Barnaby Edwards? Are we going to have both Daleks and Zygons?

    • A 50th anniversary special without Daleks? Unthinkable, surely?

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