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Published on April 29th, 2013 | by Christian Cawley

Rigg: Doctor Who Fans Can “keep away”

Speaking to Sophie Raworth on BBC One’s Andrew Marr Show yesterday, Diana Rigg spoke about her pride in appearing in this week’s Doctor Who episode The Crimson Horror – but she had a stark warning for fans…

When quizzed about taken a role in a show as popular as Doctor Who, Rigg responded:

I’m not too keen on the publicity, I prefer to keep a low profile where that’s concerned. But if it gives other people pleasure which is part of the great joy of our profession then I’m delighted, really, really pleased.

But just, keep away.

What do you think? While this is an actress making a guest appearance, she is one with a huge reputation as a former Bond girl, as a star of a hit TV series and for some remarkable work since. She is of course within her rights to request privacy, but has Dame Diana Rigg taken a part in the wrong show if she expects fans to “keep away”? Or is this a tacit warning to fans that they risk being taken apart, Emma Peel style, should they intrude…?

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19 Responses to Rigg: Doctor Who Fans Can “keep away”

  1. avatar TonyS says:

    If she doesn’t want attention from fans, her whole career thus far has taken some odd directions. Doctor Who AND the Avengers and she doesn’t want fans to approach her?

  2. avatar Bradondo says:

    When I was a young teen Dame Diana Rigg was my first and only celebrity crush and as an adult I have enjoyed her many fine performances in a variety of media. The short of it is I am a hige fan–but if she says she prefers not to be intruded upon I respect that. I can’t say that if I happened to meet her I wouldn’t tell her I’m a fan and love her work, but I wouldn’t make a big uncomfortable scene about it and I wouldn’t actively go looking ro meet her. I think everyone should respect her wishes.

  3. avatar rickjlundeen says:

    We should always respect their privacy, unless of course they’re at a convention for the express purpose of hanging out with the fans. Otherwise, just because they appear on our screens, doesn’t mean we have the right to intrude on their personal life. They owe us nothing beyond the performance.

  4. avatar Coopergreg says:

    There’s fans and there’s “fans”. The first love the show and respect the professionals making it – I count myself in this category for the last 30 yrs since I started watching as a ten year old. Then there’s the “fans” that Diana Rigg is probably on about who act like they own the show and the people in it and find it hard to separate fiction and reality!

  5. avatar Bunvendor says:

    Sylvester McCoy has a similar outlook on fan attention. These people have a perfect right to be left alone.

  6. avatar TimeChaser says:

    I agree, just because they are celebrities doesn’t mean we should be rabid fans and impose on them. They’re people too.

    And this interview has now been posted twice. This was posted in place of the BBC America trailer yesterday.

    • Really?

      Ah well, fixed now :D Cheers for letting me know TC

      • avatar TimeChaser says:

        No problem, sir. :)

  7. avatar rickjlundeen says:

    From what I hear, the UK fans are–in general– more sedate and respectful of the celebrities. Over here in the states, there are just a lot more people who are just SO in love with these stars that they can’t control themselves.

  8. avatar BOJAY says:

    She has always been a very private person. I think any actor that’s open to a greater interaction with fans does conventions or signings. I can recall a conversation that I had with a completely non Doctor Who actor Tony Todd (Clive Barker’s Candyman, amongst other things), in which he aptly noted that some “personalities” are completely up for that interaction, via the convention and signing circuit, while other, more private types stay well clear. And that’s fine, as any actor/actress is entitled to their privacy and carrying on with their private lives outside of their work.

  9. Curious, I actually met her some 43 years ago and she was very gracious to us fans! Her autograph on my Playbill to “Abelard and Heloise” is still a treasured possession!

    • avatar Bob James says:

      You are a blessed and fortunate man, James. Even now, I think I would be reduced to a blubbering mess if I ever had the opportunity to actually meet her. Diana Rigg was the reason I starting noticing (at the tender age of 7, yes 7!) that girls were different from boys, and that they were way cooler……..

  10. If she wishes people to respect her privacy, then by all means she has a right to that. I count myself as a life-long fan of hers.

  11. avatar Geoff says:

    She’s a professional person doing her job, in her private life she wants to be left alone. There’s nothing wrong with that. She’s doing her public bit for the show on the Andrew Marr show after all. However there are perhaps more tactful ways to say you like to be left alone when you’re not working. I’m not an actor but I do have a job that means I get recognised a lot in the place where I work, and approached. People don’t differentiate between when you’re working and when you’re not and being professional is about dealing with that appropriately, in my view. But she’s had a life time of it and perhaps she’s just run out of patience!

  12. avatar Leo says:

    La Rigg doesn’t court the media or seek fan worshipping-fantastic . Its a pity a pity some of the Z list ‘act’s’ who pollute music, TV and movies these day’s (and of course magazines) don’t learn a thing or two from her. but then she doesn’t need to, they do. Matt is not a media whore either, and long may this continue. Fan’s can go too far of course, which is not amusing.Unfortunately the thing about Doctor Who is of course, particularly for the leads, is that they effectively now become global icons overnight. If you are not keen on a high profile, then wrong show to be in :(

  13. She has the right idea. At least she isn’t going around making children promise they wont watch star wars anymore like Alec Guiness did.

  14. avatar STLShawn says:

    I’m reminded of the rock band “rush”. Two members do the interviews and junkets, the drummer only speaks in public when “forced” to by induction to the R&R hall of fame, or a stint on a big name TV show.

    But,,,,, on that same note,,,,,, strange choice of professions. Has she considered being an author or accountant (or tech writer,,,, nobody bothers me at the coffee shop).

  15. avatar Darren James says:

    Dame Rigg attended London Film and Comic Con last year and was a delight. She has no problem with the fans in that situation – she was happily signing Avengers pictures (first time I believe). She is also appearing in game of Thrones so if she didn’t want cult fans then she has definately been ill advised in her career!! Let’s be honest nobody wants to be disturbed whilst having their lunch for example!

  16. avatar Calli Arcale says:

    It’s fair. Elizabeth Sladen was the same way, and she’s easily the most beloved actress ever involved with Doctor Who. Very gracious to the fans and generous to her colleagues, but at the same time so intensely private that even the production staff of “The Sarah Jane Adventures” had no idea she had been diagnosed with terminal cancer. So clearly it is not only reasonable for them to want privacy, it is also possible for them to actually get privacy.

    Lots of actors can share horror stories that tell you exactly why the rest want privacy. Paul McGann was hounded by the paparazzi after innocently kissing a costar on the cheek and being photographed doing so. The paparazzi didn’t stop there; they hounded his wife and kids too, trying to find a scoop about infidelity and a marriage on the rocks which was of course completely ridiculous. (If there’s no news, invent some! That seems to be the way those people work.)

    Actors are people who become other people for our entertainment. That doesn’t mean they abdicate any right to privacy in their real personas.

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