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Published on April 4th, 2013 | by Meredith Burdett

McCoy Not In 50th Anniversary Special?

Den of Geek caught up briefly with Sylvester McCoy for a micro chinwag on some of the events that have been taking place in his life recently.

The Doctor is reunited with the Counter-Measures team in November's Big Finish story

Whilst talking about his illustrious career and the plans he had next, McCoy did make one comment regarding whether he was to appear in the fiftieth anniversary Doctor Who episode, with a succinct statement of:


To be fair, that wasn’t the whole answer, as the little legend will be taking part in some fiftieth anniversary events:

Somebody mentioned something that the BBC is running on the weekend when it goes out [the recent three day event announced by the BBC]. Big Finish have done us proud, they’re coming out with something really exciting. The BBC, we’ve heard nothing though.

Now to be fair, it may be time for us to forget about any other past Doctor’s appearing in this year’s anniversary special, we’ve got the Tenth Doctor and Rose, the Eleventh Doctor and Clara and Zygons as well. Maybe we’ll get one or two other surprises but it may be time to let Moffat and Co get on with the filming of this very special adventure and just wait until November to see what surprises we get.

Doctor Who - 50th Anniversary Special

Remember 2005? Remember the excitement of new Doctor Who with a new Doctor, a new companion and new adventures? No one finished that ride complaining about the lack of old Doctors. This year will be very much the same, one suspects.

Paradise Towers 2

But back to the matter in hand; you’ll want to read the interview with Sylvester himself, rather than hearing us go on about Doctor Who all the time; there’s enough of that here already!

Head over to Den of Geek where you can read about Sylvester’s thoughts on the recently departed Richard Briers, who he worked with in 1987′s Paradise Towers, his filming for The Hobbit, his theatre experience whilst touring King Lear and his thoughts on the difference between film and theatre.


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7 Responses to McCoy Not In 50th Anniversary Special?

  1. avatar Mugen Pharoah says:

    I reckon the old Doctors will be in it just as archive footage or through computer whizzery. It would be hard to sustain a narrative with all surviving Doctors getting a decent bite of the anniversary cake, which was just about possible with four of them in the Five Doctors.

    I would personally be overjoyed if the Seventh Doctor came in swinging his umbrella and kicking ass (metaphorically) but I don’t think it’s going to happen.

  2. avatar Ian says:

    If its just the 10th & 11th Doctors then the show is not representing the past 50 years much, Yes great to have 10th back and the Zygons, but of all the classic Doctors, at least get Tom back!!!

    • avatar dcoop3000z says:

      Tom declined to appear in the Five Doctors in 1983. They utilized unused footage of him for that special. Perhaps they will use old footage of of Doctors 1-9.

  3. avatar Ian says:

    If its only the 10th & 11th Doctors back then its just representing the new series. I know we have the Zygons back, but at if you want to have a proper celebration then at least get the most famous classic Doctor back, Tom Baker. The only opportunity ever to have him back as the Doctor.

  4. avatar Simon says:

    Considering how David Tennant said he (David Tennant) wouldn’t be involved, I’m taking Sly’s comments with a grain of salt.

    • avatar Ian says:

      One theory I have is this. Tennant back first as it maybe the only time he can fit it in, after all he seems very busy.

  5. avatar FrancoPabloDiablo says:

    It would be an interesting idea to have the older Doctors make appearances through the Zygon’s ability to shape-change. Maybe this is what will happen? A very easy explanation could then be written for their older appearances due to something… zygon-y.

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