Doctor Who News Matt Smith hangs from the underside of the TARDIS!

Published on April 10th, 2013 | by Meredith Burdett

Matt Smith Hangs from TARDIS for Doctor Who 50th!

The fun has officially started in London after the Doctor Who crew was seen filming for the show’s 50th anniversary episode at some famous landmarks.

Matt Smith hangs from the underside of the TARDIS!

Matt Smith, Jenna-Louise Coleman and the TARDIS were seen filming some rather vertiginous scenes around Nelsons Column with Smith hanging for dear life to the bottom of the TARDIS’s outer shell. Coleman.

In a separate scene filmed at the Tower of London the previous day (reports from which we shared with you yesterday) Coleman, Jemma Redgrave (Kate Stewart) and comic Ingrid Oliver were also seen filming together.

Everyone seemed in high spirits as you can see from the two location videos that we’ve included here and it looks like we’re in for a treat for the 50th as the Eleventh Doctor returns to London and once again comes across trouble at some famous landmarks.

Recently in Doctor Who, we’ve had a couple of modern thrillers for the Eleventh Doctor including The Power of Three and The Bells of Saint John but it’s always nice to have that ‘Russell T Davies era’ feel come back to the show, especially to get audiences more excited. And, of course, as it’s the Doctor’s birthday, it seems only right that he should celebrate the affair in London.

There was no sign of David Tennant or Billie Piper at this location, sadly, but we’re sure there’s still more to come from them…

(Via Digital Spy)


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6 Responses to Matt Smith Hangs from TARDIS for Doctor Who 50th!

  1. avatar redflagwalks says:

    think I would rather wait the final televised episode rather than all these little spoilers

    • We have strict rules on spoilers. Given that the BBC itself featured this scene being recorded on the official website and that photos have appeared in newspapers from the shoot, this is not a spoiler. If the BBC doesn’t consider it a spoiler, who are we to argue?

      • avatar A Tony Rix says:

        Trust me everything we see hear or read about about the 50th will be smoke and mirrors, I even think it may have been filmed already, I am hoping this is all a elaborate hoax to throw us from what we really want to see, this is my view I hope I am correct

        • avatar John Shandler says:

          I don’t think that there are any smoke and mirrors going on. One 90 minute drama, one 1 hour episode and no classic doctors (apart from stock footage or audio representations, or artistic renderings in pictures). A serious underestimation of the importance of the 50th. Moffat says that one episode (his ‘why talk in the singular?’ quote) is not all we’re getting. But that is all we are getting. An utter disgrace.

  2. avatar TimeChaser says:

    I guess if the TARDIS has a cubbyhole for a spare key, then handholds in the base isn’t unusual.

  3. avatar Bob says:

    My levels of tense Ecxitment is increasing as the BBC show us more stuff about the 50th, I CAN’T WAIT UNTIL THIS.

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