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Published on April 27th, 2013 | by Christian Cawley

Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS Poll – What Did You Think?

The episode has aired – so what did you think of Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS? Was the episode the best thing in Series 7, or the worst thing since Time and the Rani?

Stephen Thompson’s script was certainly very different to many other tales, and of course we got an idea of the TARDIS that is unparalleled outside of the Doctor Who novels and audios…

…but was that enough?

You can vote in the poll above, and leave your thoughts below…


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19 Responses to Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS Poll – What Did You Think?

  1. avatar Guy Grist says:

    Fantastic, wasn’t that the Seventh Doctor’s umbrella from Paradise Towers?

  2. avatar Geoff says:

    I thought it was very enjoyable and liked seeing a more sinister and manipulative Doctor. I wouldn’t want that or this type of episode every week but it’s nice to give it an outing from time to time. There are definitely other things afoot that we don’t know about yet which is all good fun and exciting. Unlike a lot of fans I’ve enjoyed then finale payoffs ever since the RTD days so I’m looking forward to the 50th greatly.

  3. avatar vortexter says:

    This was the closest new Dr Who got to feeling like the classic show and it gets a thumbs up from me. But why oh why do they insist on pressing the reset button? Literally in this case. We know the Tardis is supposed to explode (or did explode) at one point so why not let this be the reason? And wasnt Clara lucky finding the exact page with the Doctors name on! The Van Balen brothers acting needed to be ramped up a few gears but these are minor quibbles.
    One thing I didnt understand was how the Doctor got outside the ship when Clara was in a corridor? Answers on a postcard please…

  4. I really liked this episode, even though we didn’t get the boot cupboard again. The reset button thing may be lazy writing in general, but I didn’t mind it here so much because time was extra wibbly-wobbly because of being inside the tardis.
    I did mind the way the tardis got into the mess in the first place. The tardis gets discovered by scavangers in a remote part of space and time just the moment the defences are off for a minute? That was a bit constructed, a more meaningful reason for the tardis to blow up would have been nice, but it’s just a minor quibble too.

  5. avatar Dator201 says:


  6. avatar Shadowfather says:

    I don’t think we’ll ever see a more interesting – and scary – episode inside the TARDIS, seeing how dangerous the place can be in the right circumstances. The statement that The Doctor’s ship internally is infinite was a nice touch; the idea that they can be a whole universe in themselves speaks to the power of Time Lord technology and the secrets they may still hold.

  7. avatar krumstets says:

    It was a step in the right direction. Seeing more of the Tardis for example, but the whole reset button at the end was trite.

    We only saw fleeting glimpses of some rooms…and lots of corridor padding..

  8. avatar vincent price says:

    i think there was no time war perhaps a different view….

    the tardis and the doctor are somehow connected in some way and this is mentioned many times over his life cycles.
    now comes the clincher there is no doctor as we know it or there may have been at first but he has passed away and the tardis keeps the universe in order
    from her console she cannot do this as she cannot own a physical body so hence the doctor is created to do all the things she cannot.
    this also covers a number of things like how he regenerates when he is damaged or the quirkieness of his persona sometimes the tardis only goes by what get from the companions he travels with.
    the other thing is all of his gadget and incredible intelligence is honed into him from the tardis

    just an idea or perhaps a neat dr who final ever ending???

    • avatar krumstets says:

      An elaborate and wonderful idea.
      It could be a very neat Dr Who ending.

    • avatar Mabel Jean says:

      It’s an interesting idea, but other Time Lords regenerate as well.

      • avatar vincent price says:

        yep i agree but have you ever noticed its always some thing to do with their time machine being nearby perhaps all the main timelords have this in common

  9. avatar vortexter says:

    On second viewing, I think the Tardis removed the Dr from the interior into the Van Balens hold using the HADS. It couldnt remove itself as she was crippled from the magno grab but you hear the materialisation noise just before you see his boots sticking out from the scrap metal. As the Tardis doesnt like Clara she was dumped in the corridor by the door marked danger!
    Nice Idea about the Tardis being the Dr but I dont think they have the imagination to think of something like that in the current production team! Personally, I think the Doctor was someone else before he was the Doctor we all know. He lived a bad or dubious life in the old days of Gallifrey back in the old time hence his Knowledge of the Hand of Omega and Validium etc and thats where his family are from. But he stole another set of regenerations when retiring and took his old Tardis (stealing it from himself in effect). These are the alternate Doctor’s we saw in the mind game between him and Morbius. Hence the term ‘Doctor or healer’ as he tries to attone and put things right. Trouble is, its all catching up with him now…

  10. avatar rickjlundeen says:

    Easily the best episode from 7B so far and it had me on the edge of my seat. I was really surprised to hear it was from the same writer who did “Curse of the Black Spot”. I despised “Black spot” but LOVED “Journey”!

    Some may not dig the reset button routine but I like the *way* they did it and as long as they do something well, it’s all good.

  11. avatar redflagwalks says:

    It looked great but was let down the plot..I’ve still no real idea who the monsters were or how one was meant to be Clara.. can somone explain? also the sub-plot about the android not being an android was unneccessary and just fizzled out really.. shame we did not see more of the swimming pool!

    • The monsters were an example of the past and future bleeding, as explained by the Doctor. They were from the timeline in which Clara and the Van Baalen’s died under the heat from the Eye of Harmony.

    • avatar Rory says:

      I actually really liked the android who wasn’t an android – a kind of inversion of the classic ‘Alien’ android who lives as a human. Most importantly, I think this was another nod to the Tardis and how ‘alive’ this machine could potentially be.

  12. avatar Howard Railton says:

    If only they’d allowed the TARDIS to have been destroyed at the end of last week, what a follow-on we might have had. For me Thompson’s story wasn’t too bad, a bit plodding, more threats of ruining the series by revealing the Doctor’s name which is a silly thing to do and would detract from the character’s mystery.

    The main problem for me lies in the poor design. For 50 years we’ve had roundels in the TARDIS, now Pickwoad drops them and makes the whole thing look like any old mundane Star Trek corridor. This was a great loss of that unique other worldliness the old designs conveyed. Even last season’s Neil Gaiman story was able to exude more menace inside the TARDIS because the corridors looked completely alien as opposed to Pickwoad’s boring, sanitised sets that might as well have been any old submarine or spaceship set.

    Ripping off the Primords wasn’t really necessary but actually was enjoyable and started to give the ep some sense of direction and impetus but there needed to be a lot more sinister Primals activity, there wasn’t enough to convince for me.

    Overall, well done to the writer but please drop Pickwoad from any future TARDIS work, he just seemed to have had an imagination bypass.

    Some stories inside the TARDIS that were better than this:

    Masque of Mandragora (great Victoriana feel to the new console room)
    Logopolis (JNT’s production generates a great sense of scary doom inside the TARDIS),
    Edge of Destruction,
    Castrovalva (marvellous height and scale to JNT’s sets),
    The Paul McGann TV Movie, (epic TARDIS sets)
    The Christmas Invasion (the bit where Tennant puts on his costume was far better than pickwoad could manage)
    The Visitation, (what bit there was in the TARDIS was better than Pickwoad could achieve)
    The Doctor’s Wife (only last season for goodness sake!)

    All in all, Pickwoad, you’ve let fans down.

  13. avatar vortexter says:

    I agree with your comments about general poor design of the TARDIS in the new series. Ecclestones Tardis was dire, at one point you can see the studio lights underneath the metal floor by the console and why would the greatest achievements of the Timelords have Ikea paperwights and bits of old car glued on the top?. The Moffat era’s TARDIS had scale but again looked ridiculous and this was the TARDIS that had regenerated so there was no need for all that surface junk on the console. And while I’m in a scolding mood, who decided the TARDIS needs a crew of six anyway? A TARDIS is a solo craft hence everything is controlled from the main console (which rotated in ‘The Web Planet) and chances are there were never more than six Timelords away from Gallifrey at any one time.
    However…Pickwoads TARDIS is the best of the bunch and would have been the best ever if he’d just put a few circles on the walls instead of hexagons. There seems to be a bit of a phobia about making a TARDIS look like a TARDIS these days but he is a great designer. He just needed the central column to rise and fall which along with roundels, we are lacking but generally I’m happy with his designs.
    Dont forget Frontios in your list. What a stunning idea to have the TARDIS scatterred across the tractators gravity ring.

  14. avatar Rory says:

    I really enjoyed this episode and feel this series is really warming up. The only theme that felt suspiciously ‘shoehorned in’ was the reference to the salvage crew’s father (referenced in the photograph). I use the word ‘suspicious’ because I have noticed that one of the most significant themes that has been carried continuously since the beginning of the revised series is ‘parenthood’. The Tardis really does seem to be attracted to addressing disputes between unconventional, distressed and/or disjointed families. This really is significant. I didn’t quite believe it myself until I did a proper wiki trawl of episode titles aired since the re-launch. I would recommend having a look through the list – its really very bizarre…from ‘Father’s Day’ to ‘The Curse of The Black Spot’, the initially ‘parentless’ Amelia, the elusive ‘Aupair/Governess’ Clara, the ‘absentee parent’ sub-theme within the last three Christmas Specials!! I wonder what the Tardis has in mind for Clara?

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