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Published on April 8th, 2013 | by Meredith Burdett

Is Summer Falls Littered with Series 7b Clues?

In another way to make the world of Doctor Who even more real, the BBC has been releasing books featured in the new run of episodes!

Doctor Who: Summer Falls by Amelia Williams

Last year saw the release of The Angel’s Kiss: A Melody Malone Mystery, a prequel to a book that appeared as a major plot device for the Pond’s final outing, The Angels Take Manhattan. Then there was Devil in the Smoke, a prequel to The Snowmen.

Several eagle eyed viewers will have noticed a book in the The Bells of Saint John called Summer Falls written by one Amelia Williams long after she left the Doctor and settled down. The Doctor’s new friend Clara even remarks to a young friend of hers that “the eleventh [chapter] will make you cry” leaving Doctor Who viewers wondering what mysteries the book contained and if it linked into the new series at all.

Well, the good news is that Summer Falls is not required reading if you want to fo0llow the new series of Doctor Who (the BBC would never allow that) and doesn’t seem to contain any major spoilers or hints for what’s to come next in the troubles of the Doctor and Clara. It has however, been given a great review by Laura Byrne-Cristiano on website Hypable.

The novella, as she calls it, is not only a fun read but also might be a guide for defeating the Great Intelligence but you’ll have to read it to find out if you agree with the reviewer. Byrne-Cristiano also lists her ten most interesting findings in the novella that contain some mild spoilers…

[spoiler id="Summer Falls Hints for Series 7b"]

  • The book was written in 1954 by Amelia Williams. This would be roughly 20 years after Amy and Rory were sent back in time. Amy would be about 50 years old at the time she wrote it.

  • The protagonist is a fearless and clever girl named Kate who has no father and an irresponsible mother. She’s just moved to town. She’s very independent because she’s often forced to fend for herself.

  • There is a museum caretaker Kate names Barnabas because he states he’s “between names at the moment,” who is remarkably like the Doctor. His “shed” is likely the TARDIS in disguise.

  • Kate befriends a boy named Armand who has no friends because everyone thinks his father, a pharmacist, has mixed up prescriptions that resulted in the death of several townspeople.

  • A seascape painting called The Lord of Winter seems to come to life. It is made of a canvas almost like tin foil and the ocean part seems damp.

  • After falling asleep Kate wakes up to all the adults gone and summer turned to winter.

  • There is a mysterious talking cat.

  • There are only three children in the town and the actual, sinister Lord of Winter communicates to them and through them not unlike The Great Intelligence.

  • A key, a ring, and a lighthouse are tools needed to fighting the Lord of Winter.

  • The 10th chapter is good; it’s the climax of the story. The 11th didn’t make me cry, but it was sad.

Also note the mention of a plot device in the novella that sees the villain of the piece utilising paintings, is this a foreshadowing of anniversary events?


Summer Falls is available to download now from Amazon for just £1.71.


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12 Responses to Is Summer Falls Littered with Series 7b Clues?

  1. avatar Si says:

    I downloaded and read the book the other day – it is a fun little read. :)

  2. avatar Paddy L says:

    What I found really interesting about the book, but can’t make much sense of, were The Seemingly Random Things That Were Capitalized For No Apparent Reason:

    Get Something Done
    School Was Going To Happen
    Do Things
    The Look
    Lots of Eyes
    They Had Always Known

    There were also 2 phrases underlined in grey, but I’m not sure if that was just some sort of glitch in the software:

    ‘Quickly!’ yelled Barnabas. ‘Grab on to a railing! It’s about to get very exciting.’

    The small tent was empty, but a smell hung in the air. The smell of earth after rain.

    Any thoughts?

    • “The smell of earth after rain” = Petrichor. It’s an homage to Amy Pond.

      • avatar Paddy L says:

        Really? Is that a perfume?

        Oh, wait, that’s also a reference to The 5 Doctors… The Eye of Orion.

      • avatar Paddy L says:

        Petrichor, is that German for 5 Chord, as in harmonic reference to the dominant chord in a major key?

    • I think the capitalisation was just for emphasis. The railing thing – probably a reference to the TARDIS doing her thing and throwing the Doctor/companions all over the place as she flies. And yeah, petrichor is the smell of dust after rain from ‘The Doctor’s Wife’.

  3. Will it be a real book, too? I neither have nor want a kindle, it seems a bit unfair to just have it in ebook form. :-(

    • avatar Paddy L says:

      You don’t need a Kindle. I don’t have one. You can just download their freebie software to view the book.

      • On Amazon?

        • avatar Paddy L says:

          Yep, I’d give you the link, but I don’t know that the comments will allow links.
          Just Google, “Free Kindle Software,” look at the one from Amazon, then hit the link for your device – PC or Mac.

          • Thank you very much! :-)

  4. avatar Kals says:

    Spoiler in this post… latest episode ie The name of the Doctor when Clara goes in the doctors timeline there is a close up of a girl which is the young Clara looking out of the window who is dressed very similar and same hair style as the same as the girl in the front of the book by Amelia Williams ‘Summer Falls’ I don’t know what this means but it seemed an odd coincidence hence my post in case anyone has a theory!

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