Doctor Who Series 7: Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS

Get Ready for a Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS!

In just a few hours time you will be cast into the centre of the Doctor’s frankly magnificent time ship as Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS continues Series 7.

Doctor Who Series 7: Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS

We’ve run all manner of preview articles over the past week, from galleries and video clips to a podKast discussion and a feature.

Basically, if you’re a fan of the TARDIS and love Doctor Who mythology, this is an episode you don’t want to miss!

So, where should you start with  your Journey to the Centre of the Earth preview session? Well, why not start with the Next Time trailer that aired at the close of last week’s episode, Hide? Following this, check the BBC America Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS trailer, before progressing to the two clips, Red Flashing Light? and “Don’t get into a spaceship with a mad man…”

Want more videos? Finish off with Matt Smith’s introduction to Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS – and then take a look at the episode gallery. You’ll find this in two forms – right here on Kasterborous accompanied by the episode synopsis, and on our Facebook page in high resolution (perfect for desktop wallpapers!)

We’ve done a couple of previews for this week’s episode. The first is a vague yes/no question and answer session in the recent podKast, The PodKast that HIDEs!, while a more accessible, text-based appraisal can be found in our Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS Spoiler-Free Preview.

Finally, there is one more video you should spend some time –  an interview with Steven Moffat produced for the 2013 Gallifrey One convention which features lots of teases about the TARDIS interior.

Don’t forget to eat, either – tonight’s Doctor Who might just prompt you to spend a few more hours online than intended…

Christian Cawley

A long-term Doctor Who fan, Christian grew up watching the show and has early memories of the Graham Williams era. His favourite stories are Inferno, The Seeds of Doom and Human Nature (although The Empty Child, Blink and Utopia all come close). When he’s not bossing around the news team, Christian is a freelance writer specialising in mobile technology and domestic computing, and enjoys classic rock, cooking and spending time in the countryside with his wife and young children. You can find him on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

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