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Published on April 26th, 2013 | by Christian Cawley

Eve Myles Keen on Torchwood Movie

Chatting recently to website CultBox, former Torchwood star Eve Myles revealed that she’s ready and willing to return to the alien-busting government conspiracy show – should the call ever come.

tw-s4-e7-gall2On the promotional trail for a new series called Frankie, Myles – who played Gwen Cooper in the show and in Doctor Who Series 4 finale The Stolen Earth/Journey’s End – confirmed that she hadn’t heard anything from Torchwood creator Russell T Davies.

But whatever Russell brings to me, I appreciate. When he’s ready, if he is ever ready, then he’s got people who love and adore it just as much as he does.

She does, however, raise an interesting point about the journey of Torchwood.

If it has ended in Hollywood, well, then we came from BBC Three to BBC Two to BBC One to Hollywood – that’s a drama in itself. Wonderful experience, wonderful memories.

Along the way, of course, Torchwood went from mad (Series 1 and 2) to compelling (Children of Earth) before making a schizophrenic return to screens from a base in LA with the fourth run, Miracle Day – a series most fans would rater forget.

But when might a Torchwood return happen? And could it be a movie?

It would be great if it did go out with a great bang, as it were, and we got our nice little movie. But who knows? It’s one of those things – it’s a creature that changes format every time it comes back. It might come back as a Christmas special, you don’t know. It could happen now or it could happen in twenty years time. If it pops its little head up again, I’m sure we’ll be back.

Check the full interview (which includes a question about Doctor Who‘s 50th anniversary) over at CultBox.


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8 Responses to Eve Myles Keen on Torchwood Movie

  1. avatar bonobobananas says:

    I’m ready and willing for Eve Myles but Torchwood can burn in somewhere burny after the awful awful last series…

  2. avatar Bob James says:

    And it ended so far from home. RTD took his child to Disneyland and abandoned it there. It really breaks my heart to hear John and Eve talk about possible futures, because I’d love to see more Torchwood, and proper Torchwood, not some crossbred Hollywood/ mutant US thing. I’d love to be proven wrong, I’d be delighted, but I don’t think it’s ever going to happen. What a run those three series were, though, weren’t they? I remember watching the first episodes at a local convention back in 2006, and just being blown away. There will never be another show quite like it.

  3. avatar STLShawn says:

    Every month that goes by,,, no Torchwood, nothing that i have seen of any interest with RTD involved.

    I’m like the many that believe RTD has completely left the building of Sci-fi. Thing is, with every month that goes by,,,, RTD becomes less and less relevant. I don’t know what he’s doing, who he’s talking with, or where he may be now,,, but it’s been years since i’ve seen anything associated with him.

    It’s odd, i was looking up Graham Linehan to see what his next project would be, and it never occurred to me to look up RTD to see what he was doing.

  4. avatar Bob James says:

    Doesn’t he have that “Wizards and Aliens” thing going on CBBC? I know that he had some health crisis with his partner going on too. Maybe that’s why he’s keeping a low profile. But I do think he’s “left the building” regarding Torchwood. I spoke to Jason Haigh-Ellery of Big Finish at an annual convention last year, and asked him if it would ever be possible for Big Finish to do Torchwood audioplays. He said that they’d be very open to it, but that the “ball” in regards to everything Torchwood is in RTD’s court. The future isn’t so bright…….

  5. avatar rickjlundeen says:

    Can’t really blame Hollywood for Torchwood’s demise or the quality of series 4. Series 1 and 2 were nothing special either. Only Children of Earth was top notch science fiction, right up there with the greatest of Doctor Who’s. if RTD puts the right creative team together like he did for COE and they get another great concept together, nothing is impossible. And really, the way the show has evolved, the next step would either be An HBO movie or theaters themselves.

  6. avatar Bob James says:

    Problem with that is neither HBO, nor any studio would pay for either. Anyone who thinks that there is even a remote possibility of a big screen Torchwood is smoking some potent stuff. No, it would be back to the BBC, perhaps with BBC America, and something that need not be “bigger” to be better. Either a COE style saga of connected episodes, or 3-6 standalone stories would be the most feasible and realistic possibility. Still, all dependent upon RTD………..

  7. avatar Douglas P Bishop says:

    I would love to see another Torchwood series, but please, please dump the American bit, and bring it back to Cardiff, or at least the UK.

  8. Somehow they need to erase that abomination known as Miracle Day. It took away Jacks uniqueness and was so far removed from the Torchwood I fell in love with.

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