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Published on April 19th, 2013 | by Christian Cawley

Doctor Who Series 7b Finale Title Revealed!

The BBC has today revealed the name of the Doctor Who Series 7b finale – although it won’t come as much of a surprise!

While some fans might have been hoping for confirmation of the oft-rumoured “Death of River Song”, the finale is, as you can see on the poster above, far more, well, “slutty” than that. Regardless, the episode will see the return of River Song – played by actress Alex Kingston – but who knows if we’ll ever see her again after that?

Will The Name of the Doctor truly be revealed? What do you think it is?

Written by Steven Moffat and directed by Saul Metzstein, The Name of the Doctor is scheduled for Saturday, May 18th.


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20 Responses to Doctor Who Series 7b Finale Title Revealed!

  1. avatar TimeChaser says:

    I was wondering if we’d see River again anytime soon, and here’s my answer.

  2. avatar TonyS says:

    I think the Doctor’s name is Geoff and he IS Santa Claus

  3. avatar Guy Grist says:

    He’ll probably say it in Old High Gallifreyian

    • avatar Andy S says:

      I don’t think he’ll say it in gallifreyan,I think we will see it written down in gallifreyan so nobody can actually read it.

  4. We of course saw River’s death when the Doctor first met her. Of course, we may eventual see the events of when he last met her before her death in her timeline.

  5. avatar rickjlundeen says:

    I’m sure it’ll be “Cosmo”…..

  6. avatar Simon says:

    The Other. River called him a god in The Angels Take Manhattan, even.

  7. avatar callinton says:

    River Song. Hello sweetie, dating, sexual innuendo, dress sizes, saying “archaeology” after doing something cool, saying spoilers all the time, narrating every story she’s in, dating, dress sizes, omniscient, omnipresent, convenient, being in an unconvincing relationship with the Doctor, spoilers, dress sizes… sorry, I’ll give it a rest now (wish she would.) Professor River Song, Archaeologist. Hot dates. Oh yeah and sexy big red shoes.

    On a more positive (well, less sexy) note, I’m really enjoying the second part of this series. I’m actually looking forward to Doctor Who during the week again!

  8. avatar A fan says:

    Wasn’t it said that the Doctor’s name burns in the Medusa Cascade? Didn’t Davros say to the Doctor, in the Medusa Cascade, “I name you forever The Destroyer of Worlds”? And didn’t he do this as the assembled Dalek Empire/fleet was burning?

  9. avatar gavinio says:

    Does anybody really give a shit?

    • Not enough to leave comments, no…

      Hey, waitaminute!

  10. avatar TonyS says:

    “The Name of the Doctor” might be a pun on “The Name of the Rose” or (and I really hope not) “The Name of the Father”. It mat refer to actions undertaken in the Doctor’s name rather thn revealing his precise nomenclature (been waiting ages to type that word).

    • avatar TonyS says:

      “may” not “mat” grrr

  11. avatar vincent price says:

    who knows he could be person who was brought up in timelord standers but could be the spirit of gallifrey in himself or some kind of time child

  12. avatar FrancoPabloDiablo says:

    No-one here actually wants to know his name do they? Seriously? Why would anyone even want to?
    The whole premise of the series was that here was a being going simply by the moniker of The Doctor and he traveled throughout time and space righting wrongs, facing danger and taking a lucky few of us with him. Simple! His anonymity was one of the defining characteristics of not only the character but the entire show. But this aspect slowly got eroded away over time with the gradual revelations about the name of his people, the reasons for his leaving, the name of his people’s planet, becoming President etc.
    I forgive The Deadly Assassin only because it gave so many more questions about the Doctor and his people than it answered, and it re-introduced the decaying master in a plausible and respectful manner. But The Deadly Assassin should have been left at that! A one-off! That is what it was meant to be! The final farewell to The Master we never got due to Roger Delgado’s untimely death. The one and only insight into the complex workings of Gallifrey. But once the 80′s began nearly ALL mystery was lost! At least in McCoy’s last 2 seasons the production team tried to (and very successfully in my opinion) restore much of what and who the character and show were about. alas it was too late. I would despair to see the superb revived series go the same way. To lose focus just long enough that when focus is regained it is to no avail.

    Now that i have had my little Friday rant out of the way let me just say this: Long live the 11th Doctor!!! But more important – long live his mystery!!! And bring on the rest of series 7B and the rest of the year!!! ZYGONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. avatar Vortexter says:

    Relax everybody. Do you honestly think they will mention the Doctors name? This is Steven Moffatts era of Who we are talking about! The Doctors Wife wasnt his wife, The Wedding of River Song was’nt really a wedding as such (it either did happen or it didnt, take your pick) and even as far back as the RTD years the Doctors Daughter…well you get the gist. They’ll lead us up the garden path, drop a few nice hints and when the reveal comes…Murray Golds music will get louder than usual and swell to a crescendo and we wont hear a thing.
    My theory however is that he is someone else like ‘the other’ from the classic show. In fact I would say the secret in plain sight is I M Foreman, or I am Fourmen. Rasillon, Omega, The Doctor and ?. It was there in the beginning after all…

  14. avatar Peter Thomas says:

    I really don’t think we will learn what the Doctor’s real name is & as someone else has already said, perhaps the fans don’t want to know. Also, the most important thing about Mr Moffat is that he lies. The Doctor’s wife was about the Tardis. The Doctor’s Daughter wasn’t really his daughter but a clone of himself who became a woman . I just hope we see 11 Doctors in the Anniversary Special

  15. avatar francis cave says:

    Knowing Moffatt it will probably end with something like:

    “My name, you want to know my name?

    Surely it’s obvious….

    Its Who, first name Doctor…..”

  16. avatar Al says:

    I don’t expect his name to actually be uttered on screen. More likely, as others have suggested, it’ll be a case of the name causing things to happen. That or the episode leads up to the Doctor telling River his name so she can tell it to the Tenth Doctor later. But WE don’t have to hear it. Alex Kingston said in an interview a month or so ago that she’d welcome a chance to play River again, which doesn’t sound like this’ll be goodbye forever. It helps when your character has already been killed off!

  17. avatar TrueDerp says:

    Remember that Clara supposedly read the Doctor’s name in a book. She should have forgotten the whole thing, but did she really? The TARDIS was leaking out, and we really don’t know who she is, she could be a Time Lord disguised like human for all we know. The Doctor remembered the incident because he was a time lord.

    If the doctor’s companions are pulled out of their timestreams and taken to Trenzalore, as the title suggests, it wouldn’t be the doctor that had to say the name – it would probably be Clara. But then again, she might be able to speak/read Gallifreyan.. Who knows.
    Can’t wait for the finale&the 50th!

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