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Published on April 2nd, 2013 | by Meredith Burdett

BAFTA Nominations for The Mill and Murray Gold

Doctor Who is at it again, getting itself so well noticed that it’s being considered for even more awards to its now well-laden shelf.

This year the nominations come from The British Academy of Film and Television Arts, better known to us mere mortals as BAFTA, and Doctor Who is in the line-up to win two awards.

Doctor Who: The Rings of Akhaten

The first nomination is for VFX company, The Mill for the Visual and Graphic Design category. The award, if they win, will reflect their more recent work on Doctor Who, mainly from Series 7; it is of course a somewhat ironic coda following the recent announcement of Mill TV’s imminent closure. Doctor Who composer Murray Gold has been nominated for the second award in the Original Television Music category; this is specifically for his music in the 2012 episode, Asylum of the Daleks.


Some fans have been divided over the work that the Mill and Murray Gold have delivered over the years, but Kasterborous wishes both parties the very best of luck with their nominations and hope that they secure a win on the day. Perhaps a sure fire way for Murray Gold to win the award would be to have a ‘Music That Was So well Made for Sad Moments in Doctor Who That it’s Made Grown Men Cry’ category. There’s just no denying that fact.

The BAFTA winners will be announced at a ceremony in London later this month on Sunday April 28th.

(Via BBC Blogs.)


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One Response to BAFTA Nominations for The Mill and Murray Gold

  1. avatar rickjlundeen says:

    I’m wondering how much the mill has done on 7B and if they’re involved in the 50th anniversary? I have noticed more episodes being a bit more grounded visually and obviously, like so many other things, it’s a budget issue and I’m sure the Mill’s handiwork is mighty expensive. I wish them well but I wonder, who’ll be doing the FX for Doctor Who then and how will they stand up to the Mills’ efforts?

    As for Murray, I’m puzzled by how anyone can have a bad word to say about the guys’ work. He’s performed masterfully through the last 8 years and counting. Really, the only guy who hasn’t left the show and if one thinks he’s “lost it”, well, that theme for the eleventh Doctor is still one of the finest pieces he’s ever written, in my opinion. Good wishes for him as well.

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