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Published on March 23rd, 2013 | by Scott Varnham

Watch The New Prequel For Bells Of Saint John!

The BBC hype machine worked its way back into life today with a wheezing, groaning noise to deliver unto us a new prequel to the first episode of Series 7b, The Bells of Saint John.

Although you won’t need to have watched this to follow the events of the episode (we hope), it’s a nice little diversion as the Doctor takes a little break from hunting for other incarnations of Clara to sit on a swing and talk to a little girl. You can watch the two minute prequel/prologue, written by Steven Moffat, below.

A thought about the prequel: we find it kind of beautiful that, after all he’s said and done across a millennium or more of life, he can still sit there and treat a little girl as if she’s telling him the most interesting story in the world. If Series 7b has more moments like that, then we’ll be very glad to keep up with it.


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6 Responses to Watch The New Prequel For Bells Of Saint John!

  1. avatar TimeChaser says:

    It was obvious it was going to be Clara from the start, but at least this proves that she had a childhood, she didn’t just poof into existence. Also nice to see the Doctor back in the tweed, if only briefly.

  2. avatar Paul Gee says:

    As you say obvious but a thoroughly enjoyable moment. Hopefully a sign of things to come.

  3. avatar Bob James says:

    I loved that! I just had to comment in passing though, this is the second time the Doctor encounters a companion while the companion is a child (a little girl), and follows her on through to adulthood. Could be taken as kind of creepy………..

    • Third if you count Madame Pompadour. But she’s not really a companion.

    • avatar Thomas Campbell says:

      I think it would be more creepy if he were only able to do this with his TARDIS. But the fact of his longevity, near immortality, makes it possible for the Doctor to watch scores, hundreds or even more generations of humanity pass by, makes encountering humans as children and then later as adults more of a simple fact of his existence.

  4. avatar Al says:

    Having watched this again after seeing Rings of Akhaten, this seems to be more appropriate as a prequel to that episode.

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