Tate and Walliams at Big School

The former DoctorDonna Catherine Tate and former Doctor Who guest star David Walliams are going back to school in brand new comedy, Big School, written, starring and created by Walliams alongside The Dawson Brothers.


Big School is a six part 30 minute sitcom set in a secondary school about a dysfunctional staff room, unrequited love and interactive white boards.

David Walliams plays 40-something chemistry teacher Mr Church, who has taught at Greybridge School for years, Catherine Tate plays the school’s enthusiastic new recruit, Miss Postern, who despite being a French teacher has never actually been to France and ‘armed bastard’ Philip Glenister (Life on Mars, The Minister of Chance) plays the lothario gym teacher Mr Gunn.

Rounding out the cast are Frances de la Tour will play Ms Baron, the no-nonsense, plain-speaking headmistress of Greybridge School, Joanna Scanlan who will play Mrs Klebb, the nosey and interfering drama teacher, while Steve Speirs tackles the role of Mr Barber, the pessimistic geography teacher who’s counting down the days until he can retire.

And finally, Daniel Rigby will play Mr Martin, the mod-like music teacher who desperately wants to be mates with the kids and still clings to his dream of becoming a rock star.

Mark Freeland, BBC head of In-house Comedy, commented:

“Led by David Walliams, it’s an absolute privilege to work with such a brilliant cast and off-screen production team. Like my Latin GCSE, nothing can go wrong. At least that’s what I thought at the time.”

Big School reunites the production team behind Walliams last BBC outing Mr Stink, and will be directed by Only Fools and Horses‘ Tony Dow filming commencing within the next few weeks.

BBC – Media Centre – Catherine Tate, Philip Glenister and Frances de la Tour join David Walliams in new sitcom for BBC One.

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