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Published on March 24th, 2013 | by Meredith Burdett

Sylvester McCoy Interviewed at Gallifrey One

To some, he’s simply known as the Doctor, to others he’s known as Time’s Champion, to friends he’s been called the Professor and by Tom Baker, he’s known as ‘little man’ but there’s no denying that whatever you call him, Sylvester McCoy still is and always will be, the Doctor.

Making an appearance at the Gallifrey One Doctor Who convention that took place in Los Angles last month, McCoy sat down to many interviews and Q&A sessions but the one we’d like to show you below managed to capture a few minutes with McCoy as he answered questions regarding the show’s past during his tenure and its current incarnation.

What’s most remarkable about the interview is that you can see how incredibly similar Sylvester looks to how he did fifteen years ago which proves that If he were asked to appear in the new series for the fiftieth anniversary episode later this year, he would still pack as much of a visual punch as he did in the 1996 TV Movie.

McCoy talks in the interview about his Lego doppelgänger, the similar character storylines that were told during his tenure as the Seventh Doctor that are now told to the 21st century Doctor Who audiences.

Interestingly enough when asked about any information on the fiftieth anniversary celebrations that he could provide, McCoy seems genuinely in the dark and has nothing to bring to the table to do with his involvement, although McCoy could just be being coy.

Watch the interview below!

Credit foes to for filming this interview.


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2 Responses to Sylvester McCoy Interviewed at Gallifrey One

  1. avatar stlshawn says:

    McCoy is the nices person ever. I love listening to and watching his interviews. He is truly one of those people who you would want to spend hours with talking over a good cold one.

  2. avatar KevinCV says:

    A brilliant interview with an equally brilliant man. I particularly liked his wry response of “All of them” to that cliched question of “Favorite/weirdest fan encounter”.

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