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Published on March 26th, 2013 | by Meredith Burdett

Series 7B on DVD and Blu-ray

The second half of series seven of Doctor Who has been given a DVD and Blu-ray release date of May 28th 2013.

Series 7B DVD

Now, this is for the US release date, as they’ve quoted DVD and Blu Ray prices as $24.98 and $29.98 respectively for each set, but it stands to reason that the UK will probably get a release a day or two earlier as is usual for Doctor Who releases.

The set will include the 2012 Christmas special The Snowmen as well as all eight of the new 2013 episodes that comprise series seven B, or series thirty-three-point-two or series three if you want to get really technical (disclaimer: we don’t).

Series 7B Blu-ray

Eager to push the marketing event for sales, BBC Home Entertainment and Warner Home video have announced the release early, but have yet to announce any extras. Intriguingly, they’re also maintaining radio silence on the title and details of episode thirteen, written by Steven Moffat, which according to rumour will lead directly into events for the fiftieth anniversary special. But try not to worry as we’re only nine weeks away from finding out more about the Doctor’s greatest secret anyway.

Start saving your pennies and your cents because you’ll want to relive the adventures of the Eleventh Doctor and Clara again in your living room this month.

The Doctor Who Series 7– Part Two box set is released on DVD and Blu-rayon 28th May.

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4 Responses to Series 7B on DVD and Blu-ray

  1. avatar rickjlundeen says:

    As usual, I’m waiting for the entirety of series 7, I’m just wondering when that will come out and they’ve stretched things out so much, the whole set will have to include the *two* christmas specials along with the series but I wonder if the anniversary show will be included as well or get its own release. I’m thinking the latter, probably including the Gatiss TV movie and a ton of features.

    • There are indeed plans for The Complete 7th Series as noted in an earlier post. No date announced yet.

  2. avatar TimeChaser says:

    I’m glad they’re not waiting long after the end of the season to release it. I’ll very likely grab the Blu-Ray on the day its released.

  3. avatar kevin merchant says:

    I’m glad to here there will be a complete season 7 box set. Hopefully things will settle down now

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