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Published on March 12th, 2013 | by Christian Cawley

Jenna In Series 8?

Doctor Who companion Jenna-Louise Coleman appeared on the Richard Bacon show on BBC Radio 5 Live yesterday, and during the 15 minute chat revealed that she will be appearing in Series 8!

This is an interesting development from previous rumours and indicators, but if true (as in, she’ll be staying on as a companion) will certainly be a very welcome one. Fans had previously been led to suspect that she was only staying with the show for a short time with things such as Clara’s non-appearance in Doctor Who Magazine‘s comic strip, the actress’ stateside ambitions and the (admittedly unknown) nature of the character all weighing on the side of a short-lived time travelling companion.

You can enjoy the discussion below (kudos to, in which Jenna-Louise says: “I think I can say that I will be in season eight.”

There is also a small gallery of Richard Bacon’s visit to the Roath Lock studio complex that formed the hub of the show which is available to listen to until Sunday, 17th March.


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3 Responses to Jenna In Series 8?

  1. avatar John Ronson says:

    For once news even I can’t moan about!

  2. Interestingly, the Radio Times is now saying confirmed.

  3. avatar Leo says:

    Thats briliant, very pleaased

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