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Published on March 5th, 2013 | by Christian Cawley

It’s the New Ice Warrior Image!

In advance of their forthcoming Doctor Who Series 7b feature-fest, SFX magazine has unveiled the new Ice Warrior design on its website!

A faithful update of the original, the most notable differences (apart from the modern build and colours) are the lack of the old-school pincer claws and a less bulky (but more realistic) “shell” component.

You’ve already had a sneak peek at the Ice Warriors in the new Series 7b promo image, but if you would rather not see the updated look, don’t click the link below…

[spoiler ]

Click image for larger version!



Smashing, isn’t it – but what do you think? How do you think a new Ice Lord might look?

You can see the new Ice Warriors in episode three of the new run of Doctor Who in a script written by Mark Gatiss and directed by Douglas Mackinnon.

Doctor Who returns on March 30th.

(Via SFX.)


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7 Responses to It’s the New Ice Warrior Image!

  1. avatar Warren Howarth says:

    They look great, but the loss of the Mittens is going to make some Ice Mum very angry! Should have used thicker wool! Now they’re going to be hanging on someone’s fence or on a wall somewhere!

  2. avatar castellanspandrel says:

    I like it as it’s as close to the original as they perhaps could get, though I liked the old fur.

    It does look a bit like scientifically designed protective sportswear, but bear in mind that it’s probably armour rather than the Ice Warriors’s nekked body, and that the old-style costumes, as with those for other old monsters, used to have actors at the point of keeling over from heat and inability to breathe/move! Elf n’ safety, innit?

  3. avatar TimeChaser says:

    Definitely faithful to the original version but updated just enough. I will miss the iconic clamp hands, but let’s face it, this way they’ll probably be able to do more than just lumber around.

  4. avatar Bradondo says:

    I love them! They kept everything good and iconic about the originals and made them even better. I did like the pincers, but let’s face it–they were a bit too 60′s sci fi to be taken seriously today. I’m especially digging the more muscular-looking overall shape. The old Ice Warriors seemed like they maybe had some beer bellies underneath that armor–these guys look like they could rip your head off and use it for a football… An awesome redesign, in my opinion. :)

  5. avatar bonobobananas says:

    Spot on. Top update

  6. avatar CatPiper says:


  7. avatar TimeChaser says:

    Oddly enough, this new design reminds me of the Ice Warrior on the cover of The Dying Days, just without the oversized claws.

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