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Published on March 19th, 2013 | by Meredith Burdett

Is Matt’s Future with Doctor Who?

We’re mere weeks away from Doctor Who returning to our screens for eight brand new episodes, and you’ll all have watched the new trailer 42 times (at least) by now and be suitably excited.

11th Doctor titles

Whilst the public are all enjoying the first episodes that represent part of Doctor Who’s fiftieth birthday, the Doctor Who production team will be commencing the filming of the anniversary special which, again, we’re all suitably excited over.

But the thought running through everyone’s mind at the moment is whether we’ll have a regeneration in 2013; will the Eleventh Doctor truly fall at the Fields of Trenzalore?

Well, if Matt Smith’s cryptic answers on The Jonathan Ross Show are anything to go by, the answer could be “no”. Speaking with the chat show host, Smith talked about his future plans with Doctor Who, if only for this year at least:

I’ve got to be diplomatic…because if I give the whole game away I’ll be screwed. The thing is with Who, you’ll understand this more when you’ve watched it.

I go and I do the anniversary special, then I go away for a bit and then I come back and do the Christmas special. It’s one of those jobs that you have to take year by year, it’s ten months a year, it’s all-consuming.

So I don’t think you can plan five or six years ahead, or even two years ahead. It’s a year by year thing and at the moment it’s 2013 and we’ll see what 2014 holds.

So we can confirm that Smith will be back for the Christmas 2013 special, which would seem to indicate that he’ll hold the keys to the TARDIS until at least 2014.

However, Moffat always likes to defy public expectations and whilst we all may be expecting a big lead up to the regeneration of the Eleventh Doctor, with fair warning months in advance, and at least an entirely new run of thirteen more episodes to build up to the event, he may just kill the Doctor at Christmas.

Imagine the ratings!

But since Smith has confirmed that he’s very happy in the role for now, we can probably make a safe bet that we’ll get a full fourth series from the actor.

(If we were betting men. Which we’re not.)


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6 Responses to Is Matt’s Future with Doctor Who?

  1. avatar TimeChaser says:

    I’m very happy with Matt and would not mind him sticking around for a couple more years at least. I’m not sure anyone should ever attempt to match or break Tom Baker’s record, but maybe a five-year stint like Pertwee is good enough.

  2. avatar tommyscot says:

    It occurs to me now, for the first time, that it is entirely possible for Moffat to successfully cast the next Doctor under our noses and keep it under wraps. The whole team; the writers, the talent, the productions staff are all so wedded to the show; so committed, that we might, just this once, be ambushed. I’m not saying it will be soon, rather that it is conceivable that Moffat could pull it off. It would be brilliant.

    • avatar Mark Lenton says:

      THios would only work if we had a situation where the show would air before filming begins on the next – like The Next Doctor (for example) and the Widow and Wardrobe episode. If not then it WOULD leak out and spoil the surprise – if nothing else the paps would get a shot on location or see that the series was shooting and that Matt was elsewhere.

  3. avatar Rick Lundeen says:

    They’d never be able to surprise us like that and even if they were able to pull off the miracle—-they’d want the hype and the ratings.

    I see Smith staying for a 4th series and then leaving. Why? The buzz for the anniversary will have died down by then and this would be their way to amp it up again. Also, Clara would have put in a season and a half and could help usher in the new Doctor. I very seriously doubt he’ll stay for a 5th series, mostly because by the end of 2014, he’ll have already been hooked up with the show for 5 full years, like Pertwee—it’s just the schedule that’s kept him to 4 series in 5 years, with all the spreading out. Mark my words, Matt’s leaving at the end of series 8.

  4. avatar Guy Grist says:

    How did you know I watched the trailer 42 times? Anyway I think Matt will probably stay for while and we may get a third eleventh Doctor TARDIS team at some point. They will also probably have a gap between his last series and his last episode.

  5. avatar Owen says:

    I reckon Matt will stay for at least one more series than regenerate in a two part Christmas to new year story 2014-15.

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