Merchandise Doctor Who Graces Cover Of Entertainment Weekly

Published on March 22nd, 2013 | by Christian Cawley

Doctor Who Makes EW Cover Again!

Hitting newsstands today in North America (and further afield if you’re a metropolitan type), Entertainment Weekly features Doctor Who on the cover – for the second time in less than a year!

Doctor Who Graces Cover Of Entertainment Weekly

This time around there are two versions, each with different Doctor Who covers, as above and below…

Doctor Who Graces Cover Of Entertainment Weekly

All tied in with Series 7b and the 50th anniversary, the celebratory issue features Steven Moffat, Matt Smith and Neil Gaiman, not to mention Peter Jackson.

What is it with legendary British pop culture icons celebrating their fiftieth anniversaries? Who knows — and “Who” is exactly the right word. In 2012 both the Rolling Stones and the Bond movies turned 50 and this year it is the turn of British science fiction show Doctor Who (yes, we know the Doctor is actually much older than 50, but let’s not get into that right now). To mark the occasion, this week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly offers a choice of two collectible covers — one featuring Matt Smith’s Doctor, Jenna Louise-Coleman’s new “companion” Clara, and a Dalek and the other boasting Smith and a Cyberman, who will be among the monsters our time-traveling hero battles in the half-season of eight new Doctor Who shows which BBC America will premiere on March 30 at 8p.m. ET.


That, however, is just the tip of the celebratory Who-berg — the flashing light atop the Doctor’s time- and spacecraft the TARDIS, if you will. For our Doctor Who cover story we visited the show on location in Wales, grilled executive producer Steven Moffat about the upcoming episodes and the 50th anniversary special, which is being broadcast this fall, and luncheoned in Manhattan with Smith. In our Who package you’ll also find a breakdown of all 11 Doctors and, perhaps best of all, an essay by Peter Jackson in which the Lord of the Rings director recounts his Who-love and announces his price for directing an episode. You’ll think the magazine is, well, bigger on the inside…

Doctor Who returns to BBC America on Saturday March 30th at 8/7c, and airs on BBC One at 6.15pm the same day in the UK.


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6 Responses to Doctor Who Makes EW Cover Again!

  1. avatar TimeChaser says:

    Its great to see Doctor Who get such high profile attention over here these days.

  2. avatar drewboynton says:

    i hope i get cover #2–i renewed my ew subscription after the last dw cover!

  3. avatar Al says:

    Argh! For some reason we don’t get these right away here in my part of Canada. The Game of Thrones issue just arrived in the shops yesterday, so I guess I’ll have to wait a while longer to see these.

  4. avatar Paul Blume says:

    Does the cover pictured up top actually flash like that? Must have cost a FORTUNE to print!

    • avatar BOJAY says:

      No it doesn’t, at least my copy doesn’t……….

  5. avatar BOJAY says:

    A salesperson at my local Barnes and Noble Booksellers, noted that they never sell out of Entertainment Weekly, but come close when Doctor Who has been on the cover.

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