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Published on March 4th, 2013 | by Meredith Burdett

Darvill Won’t Rule Out 50th Return

How quickly after you say goodbye to something can you return? That’s probably the dilemma that Arthur Darvill is facing with Doctor Who at the moment.

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If we are to believe certain rumblings coming from the rumour mill, certain actors and actresses from the show’s past are being asked to ‘save the date’ when the Doctor Who production team start filming the fiftieth anniversary special next month. It certainly creates an air of excitement to think of all those lovely Doctor Who people making a cameo alongside the Eleventh Doctor in one of the biggest events that television and the world of Doctor Who will ever see. But what about the recently departed, namely Rory and Amy Williams, can we expect to see them? The answer is a definite maybe.

Talking to website Digital Spy, Darvill confirmed that making a cameo in the fiftieth anniversary episode (or episodes, we don’t have confirmation yet) would be something that he is open to, provided he can find the time in his schedule. He even talked about a recent meeting with Steven Moffat:

I’m very loyal to Doctor Who – I saw Steven Moffat recently and I think he’s brilliant. He’s one of those people that if he ever asked me to do anything, I’d do it.

Calm down, this doesn’t mean that he met Moffat to talk scripts-or does it? Moffat and the Doctor Who production team are ever so quiet on what will take place in November 2013 and Darvill and Gillan could well be on their way back to the Doctors welcoming arms.

But should they be? Gillan seemed especially content with her ending in the show and wanted to keep it as that-an ending. Should the husband and wife team be bought back so soon after they left. This is of course all conjecture; the Williams may very well never show up again.

But what do you think? Would the return of Amy and Rory make your day or should they stay stuck in time forever, living out their lives in the past after they died?

Don’t forget, you can catch Arthur in Broadchurch, alongside former Doctor Who star David Tennant, starting on ITV this evening at 9pm.

Arthur Darvill on ‘Doctor Who’ 50th return: “Never say never” – Doctor Who News – Cult – Digital Spy.


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2 Responses to Darvill Won’t Rule Out 50th Return

  1. avatar Matthew Littledyke says:

    There’s one problem there if Amy and Rory are a fixed point in history how can they return. Moffat would be second guessing what he said after they left.

    • avatar Rob McCollister says:

      Well, the only real fixed point is their deaths that take place years after they arrive in the past. The Doctor could go and retrieve them for an adventure, but he’d have to put them back. The only danger being that if either died in said adventure, it would create a time collapse like the one seen in The Wedding of River Song. Although fixed points in general are cause for debate since we know that it isn’t beyond The Doctor to alter them (The Waters of Mars).

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