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Published on March 27th, 2013 | by Meredith Burdett

Barrowman’s 50th…

A few weeks ago, John Barrowman claimed that he was in contact with the BBC regarding Doctor Who, then he backtracked quite rapidly and it seemed that he caused quite a stir. Could it be, that Captain Jack Harkness was about to come back into the Doctor’s life just in time for his birthday?

Well, it looks like a firm “no”.

Jumping onto Twitter this week, the actor wrote a single sentence that will deflate fan hearts all over the world:

Fans have since speculated that with this news and Steven Moffat’s recent comments regarding the fact that the 50th anniversary should not turn into a “fanfest” but look more towards the future that the much-anticipated 50th anniversary special may not quite be the celebration that we were all hoping for and that it’s actually looking more like it’ll be another regular episode.

But, we have Producer Marcus Wilson who describes the episode as a ‘love letter to fans’, Matt Smith claiming that he applauded after reading the script, Louise Jameson letting slip that she’s been asked to keep April free and Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy acting suspiciously when questioned by Chris Evans recently on their involvement with the episode.

Barrowman may be fibbing with this particular Tweet or he may be telling the truth but either way, there is no indication as yet that the 50th anniversary episode of Doctor Who will be anything but massive.

Because at the end of the day, there’s no such thing as a regular episode of Doctor Who.


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6 Responses to Barrowman’s 50th…

  1. avatar Ian says:

    It would be a dull celebration if it was a stand alone episode. With regards to Moffat saying it won’t be a fan fest and it has to look to the future, the precious anniversary stories did look to the future. The Three Doctors had the Doctor regain his freedom to travel in time and space. And the Five Doctors did with the Doctor going on the run again from his own people.

  2. avatar Ian says:

    Ps! On Daybreak when Richard Arnold asked Matt Smith about old faces returning he said ” Speculation? Old faces? ” I know not of which you speak!”

  3. Whatever else it is, the 50th Anniversary episode can never be all things to all people. I’m looking forward to seeing what they will come up with. If they have too many old faces it won’t be quality telly – quantity does not always guarantee quality, after all!

  4. avatar gavinio says:

    I’d be happy if just the surviving Doctors were involved. Like The Three Doctors where there was no past companions.

  5. avatar drewboynton says:

    any chance that, while matt smith is busy filming the gosling movie, they film clara meeting the past doctors??

  6. avatar rickjlundeen says:

    Why on earth would anyone think that just because Barrowman’s not going to be in it that it may just be a regular episode? I don’t think i’m going out on a limb here by saying that I think it’ll be “special”! A lot of people are going out of their way to try and be disappointed early. Yeesh. I guess I’m one of the few that have faith that the off will have a great show up his sleeve.

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