Doctor Who Executive Producer Steven Moffat

Are Series 7b and the 50th Linked?

Doctor Who‘s head honcho Steven Moffat recently took part in a big interview with several websites and among those taking part were our friends at Outpost Skaro.

Doctor Who Executive Producer Steven Moffat

The full interview is fascinating, but one particularly interesting question and answer concerning the coming series sand the forthcoming 50th anniversary of the series should provide an insight into what we can expect from Doctor Who Series 7b.

Below, read Moffat’s answer to the question “Does the fiftieth anniversary factor into the arc of this part of the season?”

I think there’s a danger to talk too much about the fiftieth anniversary when we’ve got eight whole episodes to go before it. We always wanted to make it special and huge and big, and I think also, and this is one of the things I’m concerned about this year, and I think you’ll see that I’m concerned about it but have responded positively about it, is that the show must be seen to be going forward, it’s all about the next fifty years, not the last fifty years. If you start putting a full stop on things you start thinking about nostalgia before you’ve finished. It’s about moving forward.

So the Doctor is moving forward, as he always does, and he wants to solve the mystery of Clara, he’s not thinking about all his previous incarnations, or his previous adventures, he’s thinking about the future so that for me is important. The show must never feel old. It should feel brand new. And a fiftieth anniversary can play against that.

This is an answer that is likely to upset quite a few Doctor Who fans,

Head on over to Outpost Skaro where you can enjoy the full interview

Christian Cawley

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