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Published on March 29th, 2013 | by Christian Cawley

Are Series 7b and the 50th Linked?

Doctor Who‘s head honcho Steven Moffat recently took part in a big interview with several websites and among those taking part were our friends at Outpost Skaro.

Doctor Who Executive Producer Steven Moffat

The full interview is fascinating, but one particularly interesting question and answer concerning the coming series sand the forthcoming 50th anniversary of the series should provide an insight into what we can expect from Doctor Who Series 7b.

Below, read Moffat’s answer to the question “Does the fiftieth anniversary factor into the arc of this part of the season?”

I think there’s a danger to talk too much about the fiftieth anniversary when we’ve got eight whole episodes to go before it. We always wanted to make it special and huge and big, and I think also, and this is one of the things I’m concerned about this year, and I think you’ll see that I’m concerned about it but have responded positively about it, is that the show must be seen to be going forward, it’s all about the next fifty years, not the last fifty years. If you start putting a full stop on things you start thinking about nostalgia before you’ve finished. It’s about moving forward.

So the Doctor is moving forward, as he always does, and he wants to solve the mystery of Clara, he’s not thinking about all his previous incarnations, or his previous adventures, he’s thinking about the future so that for me is important. The show must never feel old. It should feel brand new. And a fiftieth anniversary can play against that.

This is an answer that is likely to upset quite a few Doctor Who fans,

Head on over to Outpost Skaro where you can enjoy the full interview


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17 Responses to Are Series 7b and the 50th Linked?

  1. avatar rickjlundeen says:

    Just about any statement seems to upset a large amount of Who fans. And really, he’s not wrong about that statement. We must look forward but it’s not like he’s going to ignore the past Doctors. I have faith in the Moff.

  2. avatar Gwylock1 says:

    I’m not liking what I’m hearing from Moffat. THE SHOW SHOULD REFERENCE THE PAST FOR THE 50TH! IT’S DONE IT BEFORE ON ANNIVERSARIES, AND CONTINUED TO FEEL “NEW!!!” Seriously, don’t exclude the past from a show with such a long history if YOU’RE DOING THE **** 50TH ANNIVERSARY!!! Personally, if the whole thing’s about figuring out Clara, I may just stop watching DW for the season!

    • avatar Idris_who1 says:

      Gwylock1 I completely agree with you I’ve been so excited but I it’s all going to based around Clara I will be so extremely mad !!

      I already don’t like MOFFET as a writer I think most of his stuff is pointless I just don’t like him.

      It may already be but I think that it should be down to more writers than just him, they should share ideas and create a brilliant master piece

      Anything less and it will truly be a sad day personally I think he really needs to pull this out the bag for all fans

      • avatar Gwylock1 says:

        I see what you mean, but I think the Moff’s really actually a competent and ALMOST brilliant writer who just tends to send things in the wrong direction sometimes. Personally, I actually hope he’s lying about not looking backwards in the 50th and will surprise us with a multi-doctor or multi-companion story that’s not shoddy, restoring their reputations, in a way.
        I’ve got my fingers crossed for a McGann return, but I think it’s more likely to be Hartnell thing, since the Adventure in Space and Time move actually has Whatshisname playing Hartnell, and a reconstruction of the original TARDIS set. I think it’d be a waste not to use them.
        “…it should be down to more writers than just him….” Yes, definitely, there should be a whole team of people who were fans of the Classic series, and not just Moffat and Gatiss!

  3. avatar Alex Smith says:

    but of course he must be aware that every anniversary so far has featured past doctors and for the big 50th if it doesnt the show would lose massive fan base all down to him

  4. avatar David F says:

    It wouldn’t surprise me if Moffat wrongfoots us by putting any nostalgic cameos in the last episode of the series, when everyone’s expecting them to come in the special. It would be smart, because the surprise would satisfy people, whereas in the special, when everyone’s expecting it, it might be an anticlimax. And the special can just be a rollocking big story.

    He owes us nothing but a great story. Whatever idea he has for that, he should just go for it. I don’t agree that real fans would feel let down by a lack of former Doctors. The Three, Five and Two Doctors are really shaky as pieces of drama, and in many ways undermine the concept of the show. Moffat would certainly do a better job, but why risk it unless he has a brilliant idea?

    I don’t care whether old Doctors come back. The Doctor is a single character, and he is always in the show anyway. Something that makes the Doctor nostalgic would be welcome, but that’s more likely to be a companion, and enemy, or a place than a conversation with himself.

    • avatar Îacobus Ûrôkh says:

      The Five Doctors and the Two Doctors were more than a little clunky, but in the Two Doctors that had noting to do with the inclusion of more than one Doctor.

      The Three Doctors on the other hand was not ‘shaky as a piece of drama’. It was quite brilliant, actually.

      • avatar Gwylock1 says:

        I agree completely! The only thing that let “The Two Doctors” down was clumsy writing and bad production. As for “The Five Doctors,” it was a good anniversary celebration, but didn’t really work as a story, especially considering the fact that most of the involved characters completely failed to get any good lines! I just hope that if we DO get a multi-doctor story, it’s clever enough to actually work, rather than just sort of… doing whatever it was that “The Five Doctors” did.

  5. Doctor Who must look forward , of course. But, to look forward you need to know where you are coming from.

    The BBC One Controller , Danny Cohen recently said that the split in the season programming was down to Moffat he wanted it split `for creative reasons ‘ .

    Creative in the sense that the second half leads to the fiftieth for sure.

    The production team and cast members quite rightly don’t want to give too much away, and we know from past experience that they are more adept now than ever before in choosing their words when talking about the future.

  6. avatar AnnieM says:

    Remember folks, he tends to lie to surprise us (for the better, usually). :-)

  7. avatar Bob James says:

    Good to see some love and respect here for Steven Moffat for a change. And he is absolutely right. I have every confidence that we are going to get a spectacular run this year, as well as fabulous fiftieth anniversary and Christmas episodes. Doctor Who moving forward means we continue to get new, fresh, vibrant Doctor Who. Relax people, and just sit back and enjoy the experience……….

  8. avatar Donald Tennant says:

    Actually, if you look at the upcoming episodes, and even the past Christmas episode, you will see them to be very much rooted in the past. The return of the the old enemies. Take the Great Intelligence for one, that adversary goes way back.

    • avatar Bob James says:

      But the reappearance of old foes and adversaries always seems to move the show and the characters forwards nowadays. Nothing ever feels like an obligatory appearance. It seemed to me, a lot of the time, under JNT that they were ticking off boxes. Like, “It’s time for a Dalek episode, and then a Cyberman story. Then let’s squeeze the Master in there for good measure.” In a post Time War universe, old adversaries seem to pose a different dynamic for the Doctor. I think that they’re mixing things up well.

  9. avatar Spaceman13666 says:

    I think, it’s gtting to the stage where people are getting wound up to easily. Moffat has a difficult job as it is. People asking, quite rightly about what’s to come in the show its a big event. He’s also got to keep a mystique and also do his usual slight of hand. (Who knew about Jenna/Dalek before seeing the episode??)
    But the 50th should be done differently to what’s gone before, why not?
    Yes I would like to see the other Doctors, but then if we don’t and its a good story then so be it. It is about moving forward. I agree with Moffat’s reasoning, it is after all his project he’s in charge of it. And we should have a little faith. After all, if he’s doing such a bad job, how come the programme’s still on, that the BBC are backing it the way they are? Not just about making money, but also telling good stories from Moffat and all the other writers. We seem to forget he’s the head writer which is also like an old school producer he has final say on everything, but also picks other writers…. Give him some credit for Doc’s sake.
    There was rumours of Matt interacting with past stories ala the Trouble With Tribbles DS9 episode… Who knows.
    If we don’t get the past Doctors all together, then I will enjoy their meeting up in Big Finish’s Light At The End 50th Anniversary cd set.

  10. avatar Paddy says:

    Seems like some people have thought he was answering a different question? “Will Series 7b be linked to the anniversary” is not the same question as “will there be old Doctors/companions etc in the 50th special”.

    I’m happy for the 50th to be its own separate little thing and for this next series to focus on its own arc. Not a problem. Obviously when it comes to the 50th itself, there’d better be some classic Doctors. At least McGann. He deserves it.

  11. avatar Walter says:

    Hey Moff! Doctor who is not about the past?! Ok, then why you bringing back the Ice Warriors and Cyberman… Geez, thanks for blowing smoke up our @$$#5! This “The Moff ALWAYS lies is getting tired.”

  12. avatar Spaceman13666 says:

    Agreed. I think there’ll be a link with the next eight episodes to the 50th and the Christmas special this year. Not actually considered a three parter, but linked. (Especially if as the papers reckon that Matt’s last episode will be the Christmas special – which I doubt, it’s a gut feeling.)

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