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Published on March 12th, 2013 | by Philip Bates

Alex Kingston: “I Will Always Say Yes.”

River Song herself, Alex Kingston, is interviewed in the current issue of Radio Times, dated 16th- 22nd March 2013.

River Song

In the Q&A, My Watchlist, the actress, who recently appeared in Who Do You Think You Are? and NCIS, reveals that she’d definitely be up for the return of River:

I’m so attached to that character. I never expected her to grow and develop in the way she has. You never know whether she’s going to be hard-ass or good. As long as Steven Moffat has storylines that include her, I will always say yes.

Alex has played River Song since 2008’s Silence in the Library/ Forest of the Dead, written by current-showrunner, Steven Moffat – in which she died! – and has since appeared in stories like The Pandorica Opens/ The Big Bang, A Good Man Goes To War and The Angels Take Manhattan. And with recent rumours about (SPOILERS!) a certain gravestone, it’s likely that we’ll see the Doctor’s humany-Time Lord wife again soon.


The issue also includes a brief article about the battle between Jenna-Louise Coleman and her (sorry, lads) boyfriend and Game of Thrones star, Richard Madden, over the upcoming late-March cover of the Radio Times; and a look back at the radio drama, now on BBC iPlayer, Hedda Gabler, which starred Big Finish companion, Sheridan Smith.

Plus, Saturday’s repeat of A Town Called Mercy is highlighted in the weekend’s Choices!

The Radio Times is out now, priced £1.60.


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4 Responses to Alex Kingston: “I Will Always Say Yes.”

  1. avatar Pete says:

    Personally I love River and Alex Kingston’s portrayal of her and hoe she pops up in at least 3 or 4 episodes a series fom now ’til the good Doctor’s final adventure. Such as been implied anyway, or at least I think I recall reading that River knows the 12th Doctor on an intimate level…. As for viewers being confused if River appears in Series 7 on…ths has already been covered more than once: River and the Doctor (whchever incarnation) continually meet out of sequence relative to each other. The Diaries are the most obvious reminder of such. If they met in the same order (as Time Lords and Davrs and most other travelers in the classic series) there’d be no no need for the diaries to sort out where thy ate relative to one bothers time stream. Indeed, if they simply met in exact reverse order as was implied at one point, there’d also be no need for the diaries (and yes, the Doctor has one too…eventually in his time stream). As it is, they meet all over the place, save for the Doc’s first meeting with her, which was her last from our point of view. Unless time gets rewritten or it turns out most of Rivers Doctor adventures were an alt Time Line, or Moff decides to invent something even more linearly shattering than he already has. Of course we now know River is (was) in at least on epi of S7, but I hope there’s more, besides the off screen travels which happen all the time (like the River Nights minisodes on the DVD). But meeting out if sequence is only to be expected of true time travellers, it makes sense and should have happened in a time traveling series well before now. Perhaps Time Lords had some tech that accounted for ordering, which ceased when they did. Or after then. Or before that (possibly) happened that other time. See?

  2. avatar Pete says:

    Erm, let my previous post be a reminder to all those who are trying to hurriedly post on the go from a gadget such as an iPad or smartphone with the (un)helpful auto correct feature that sabotages wording quite reliably by breaking up a long word into multiple smaller words and corrects their (perceived) misspelling into a wholly new and incomprehensible sentence bearing little resemblance to what was originally intended. So learn from my embarrassing mistake: proof read before hitting the Submit button, because advanced technology apparently doesn’t give second chances to edit! :-)

    • avatar Philip Bates says:

      Haha! I feel your pain. Stupid autocorrect. Don’t worry though; your point comes across very well.

      And I love River too. As you say, she encounters all the Doctors – it’s just I hope those adventures aren’t consigned solely to novels or comics or audios or whatever; I want to see them run on TV!

      Mind you, the one thing that troubles me is that she has a spotter’s guide with all the Doctor’s faces, but when the 10th met her, he didn’t know her. It troubles the old mind!

  3. avatar Pete says:

    Thanks for the words of support – depressing writing something then finding it has become garbled – especially due to my own lack of proofreading! LOL. as for River’s encounter with 10 – my “in universe” theory is that River may have pics of all his incarnations, but may not actually know the order they come in. This actually makes a bit of sense since they do meet out of order. You’d think River would have been trained on ths point, but perhaps it was during her MK-Ultra Silencio brainwashing tht she has since (suppressed) forgotten.

    Also, we always see their encounters fom the Doctors perspective – we really have no way of knowing if River has already met 12, 13, beat the Valeyard at Cricket, etc. my one personal hop for the 50th is a madcap montage of CGI scenes with 11 and River having to zip thru the Docs past allowing us to see River meet the past Doctors via clips from past shows with her and 11 inserted over other characters (aka DS9/OS, For Gmp, etc), maybe even future Docs with their backs turned or some such. :-) 11 hilariously trying to avoid clueing in his past selves. :-) Throw in K9 guiding them providing the Classic companion who hasn’t visibly aged and providing narration for current viewers not well versed on the classic series and you have a near perfect concept for an anniversary outing that hopefully hasn’t been overlooked by Moff & Co!
    But yes, may there be far more traveling down the Rivers of Time! :-)

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