Doctor Who News The Totters Lane junkyard as rebuilt for An Adventure in Space and Time

Published on February 27th, 2013 | by Meredith Burdett

New Monsters in Gatiss’ Adventure?

Wherever the Doctor goes, you can guarantee that the Daleks will eventually show up. It’s true of any era of the series, even the 1996 TV movie. And since filming commenced on the Mark Gatiss Doctor Who drama, An Adventure in Space and Time, those Daleks have once again shown up!

The Totters Lane junkyard as rebuilt for An Adventure in Space and Time

As An Adventure in Space and Time enters its final week of filming, cast and crew as well as the general public were just about getting over the excitement of recreating some of the marvellous scenes from The Dalek Invasion of Earth. Many stopped and started in disbelief last week as the Daleks once again took to the streets of London albeit under far more subdued circumstances.

But true to their acting roots and never wanting to shun the limelight, it seems that the pepper pot menaces are back again to shoot additional scenes for An Adventure in Time and Space. Producer Matt Strevens even posted a picture of two Daleks having an early morning natter (probably about world domination or perhaps the state of the economy). He also posted an interesting teaser regarding the drama:

What on earth can he mean? Will we see a new Doctor Who monster that was never brought to screen or will we see a recreation of a classic Doctor Who moment with a foe that has since achieved a dominance only bettered by the Daleks…?

Only nine months before we can find out…


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2 Responses to New Monsters in Gatiss’ Adventure?

  1. avatar Gruff says:

    Surely this will be the Tenth Planet. After all they have cast someone as Patrick Troughton haven’t they?

  2. avatar Alex says:

    If Patrick Troughton is in this story too perhaps the new creatures are the Tenth Planet Cybermen?

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