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Published on February 6th, 2013 | by Christian Cawley

Gaiman Keeps Moving!

Fantasy author and Doctor Who scriptwriter Neil Gaiman is well-known for his intimate relationship with his fans. He interacts with them daily on Twitter (via @NeilHimself) and via his various social media.

Neil Gaiman, fantasy writer extraordinaire

Please feel free to comment on the age of this photo of Neil Gaiman.

With the impending arrival of the new BlackBerry Z10 mobile devices, Gaiman is inviting followers to take the relationship one step further as part of the BlackBerry Keep Moving Projects, with the aim of collaborating with him in creating a new multi-media series of short stories!

The BlackBerry Keep Moving Projects are designed to help some of the most innovative and imaginative artists in the world create something incredible – working with their communities and the new BlackBerry Z10 smartphone to see what is possible. Filmmakers will record their progress within a documentary that will be shared via a dedicated website – where the artists, their communities and the world at large can be a part of the artistic process as it happens – and learn how art, technology and community can interact, get inspired and deliver a powerful end result. The projects will be documented as they unfold and shared through social media, events and unique content partnerships.

Says Neil:

I’ve always been fascinated by the relationship between fans and artists, and between art and technology. This project is a terrific way to explore all of those relationships, using the BlackBerry Z10 and the BlackBerry Keep Moving Hub to find out how technology and community interaction can inspire the artistic process, and elevate the work itself to another level.

Neil will be inviting media to participate in the progress by sharing real time updates as he goes along; a documentary crew will be filming the project as it progresses; and select media will be invited to conduct “behind the scenes” interviews with Neil to see the artist at work, with his community, to create something truly extraordinary.

Keep your eyes open for more on this across the news media over the coming days…


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2 Responses to Gaiman Keeps Moving!

  1. avatar Bradondo says:

    I hate to sound cynical but this is much more corporate marketing strategy than artistic endeavor. Blackberry is struggling to remain relevant and is simply trying to market itself by portraying their company as hip and innovative. If anyone is likely to find something unexpectedly worthwhile in something so obviously promotional, though it’s probably Gaiman. :)

  2. avatar Phae says:

    It’s probably from ~2008, since that’s when the album Who Killed Amanda Palmer came out, and he did several photoshoots wearing shirts from it.

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