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Published on February 21st, 2013 | by Christian Cawley

Fake Missing Episodes Claims by RogueCyberman

Remember “RogueCyberman”? The chap lifting content from Doctor Who sites to draw unsuspecting fans into adult websites? Well, he reckons he has some missing episodes for you to view – for a fee, of course!

The Macra Terror - a lost serial from Doctor Who

Thanks to our friends at Doctor Who Online we have learned that this most untrustworthy of online identities is essentially offering missing episodes in exchange for paid access to pictures of naked girls. It’s a pretty low approach, we think you’ll agree.

Apparently, the philistine who calls himself “RogueCyberman” claims that lost episodes from The Faceless Ones and The Macra Terror are available as bonus content from Time Girl Katie’s website of naughty pictures, to which he draws unsuspecting fans via a blog and Twitter account, both full of glaringly fake comments claiming how wonderful the missing episodes are.

And no, we’re not making this up.

RogueCyberman is apparently completely anonymous, as are his “sources”:

“All of the missing episodes recently recovered from an anonymous collector in Kent have been successfully digitised and are now available to download as bonus content in Time Girl Katie’s free private members area.”

It seems, however, that this is utter nonsense.

I mean, let’s have a good think about it. If any collector had lost Doctor Who episodes that for some reason they didn’t want to share with the BBC, they would hardly put them up on a thre’pence ha’penny website of naughty pictures, would they?

Time Girl Katie’s vaguely Doctor Who related adventures don’t take place in the realm of Playboy or Hustler – more like a cold Sunday morning on Brighton beach.

Yes, there is a small chance that RogueCyberman – despite his previous form – is telling the truth, and that these episodes can be viewed. The number of online reviews of them is remarkably small, however. Next to zero, in fact. It’s a scam, of course – a carrot to lure people into parting with cash for unimaginative erotica with nothing to do with Doctor Who.

DWO have been contacted by fan Robert Lenko who took the trouble to send them some screengrabs that you should take a look at. These are basically images of the contents of the Time Girl Katie’s website where RogueCyberman has claimed the missing episodes can be accessed.

These images, available via the link to DWO above, have since been locked away from prying eyes.

What is most interesting is that when similar screengrabs showed up on a Tumblr page (owned by another fan trying to expose what is a horrendous scam targeting Doctor Who fans), RogueCyberman issued a DMCA takedown notice.

This is particularly fascinating when you take into account my own email exchange with the character six months ago, after I requested they stop using content from Kasterborous’ RSS feed to populate the RogueCyberman blog with Doctor Who news:


You make that content available for syndication via RSS but then react badly when someone syndicates it.

If you really want to play the DMCA game then you will have to put your real name and address on the form. And I can then publish that wherever I like. Perfectly legally. Do you really want that? That’s not some kind of threat, by the way, it’s just the fact of the matter. If you want to start playing legal games you’ll have to reveal your name and address.

Furthermore, what if I look all over your website for copyright infringement?
How many images are you using without permission? What if I started issuing DMCA complaints against you?

I might not be so flippant if you hadn’t have taken the stance you did against Katie and I when we started our websites. Besides, I don’t want some stupid DMCA war where we both take turns to pull each others websites down.

Anyway, here’s a suggestion for you that might resolve the matter amicably. You remove the nasty post that you wrote about me and Katie and I’ll stop syndicating your content. Sound fair?

(As you can see, the arrogance of this individual is staggering) My response was as follows:


First of all, thank you for replying. I’m sure you’re aware of how tough it is to find your email address on the site. For the moment I’ll keep it to myself.

Clearly I have several options on the table here. I should add that my address is in the public domain already, so that is hardly a concern.

A couple of points:

The content is made available via RSS. We are the ones doing the syndicating, not you or any other site or app.
I’ve had the Kasterborous feed removed from several Android and iOS apps.
My issue isn’t with the content, it’s with the fact that you’re profiting (and I don’t care how little or much money you make) from the hard work of a bunch of guys who get a few Amazon vouchers at Christmas as an honorarium. It’s not about pretty girls who may or may not be Doctor Who fans, it’s about misappropriating material that isn’t meant for your site and its readers. It’s about pulling our content out of context. How you make money on your site is your business, but when you use content by my team it becomes mine. I’d rather you made sure it remained wholly your business.

Incidentally, your blog: it’s a fantastic piece of work away from the content theft. I have no idea why you are resorting to scraping content via RSS (or any other methods you might be employing) when you’ve got what appears to be a compelling set of articles of your own.

Now then, about that blog post: – have you read it? Seems to be a pretty accurate summary of what went on. I think perhaps you’re confusing us with another site. If I felt that the post was doing you a disservice in light of your gratefully received reply then I would remove it but I really don’t see what the problem is. Indeed, Andy seems to be piping an undercurrent of envy throughout.

Hope to hear from you soon.
Feel free to share your name, too :)

Best Regards,


Sadly, we never did hear from RogueCyberman again. Nor indeed did we learn his real name. However, his email address is: – the more activist-minded among you might like to tell him of your displeasure.

But with this new claim of found missing episodes that has been bubbling under for some weeks now, various Doctor Who sites across the web have decided to get together and duke it out with the RogueCyberman.

The BBC are well aware of what is going on, and it is our intention (along with Doctor Who Online and several others) to make as many Doctor Who fans as possible aware of what this character is up to. It would be doubly nice to find his real name – especially as he’s more than happy to share the personal details of people who challenge him with the entire Twittersphere.

You do not want to hand your credit card details to RogueCyberman. He has no missing episodes. At best, he’s a bully and a cheat and might even be responsible for various online hate campaigns against prominent Doctor Who fans.

Is this really the sort of person you want to trust with your card details?



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A long-term Doctor Who fan, Christian grew up watching the show and has early memories of the Graham Williams era. His favourite stories are Inferno, The Seeds of Doom and Human Nature (although The Empty Child, Blink and Utopia all come close). When he’s not bossing around the news team, Christian is a freelance writer specialising in mobile technology and domestic computing, and enjoys classic rock, cooking and spending time in the countryside with his wife and young children. You can find him on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

27 Responses to Fake Missing Episodes Claims by RogueCyberman

  1. avatar TimeChaser says:

    I would seriously hope that there is no one that would fall for this obvious scam, but I’m painfully aware of the lack of common sense present in the world today. I certainly hope the concerted fan effort will take this unpleasant person down.

  2. avatar Simon Pearce says:

    Hey Christian,

    I have shared this article on my Classic Years Facebook page to hopefully make more folk aware of this scam.

    I follow both RogueCyberman and Time Girl Katie on Twitter (mainly to laugh at their ludicrous claims!) and would be interested in joining the band of Doctor Who sites in the fight against them.

    Kind regards


  3. avatar TimeChaser says:

    Went ahead and posted a link to this story on the Timelord forums to spread the word.

  4. avatar GallifreyanFallenAngel says:

    Yuck. The sickening things some people do for attention.

  5. Consider the word spread.

  6. Thanks to everyone who has shared this, particularly to TimeLordTronic, TimeChaser and Simon Pearce.

    • avatar Paddy says:

      Ten points for your email response Christian. Well played. The guy is a charlatan and a fraudster and (fortunately) well-publicised as such in Who forums, so to most of us he is now merely a source of amusement, but as long as he’s out there trying to scam money from fandom, the message needs to be out there twice as loud to disregard him.

    • Not a problem. I hate seeing online scams such as this being perpetrated, but it’s particularly vexing when the target is something you hold dear.

  7. avatar Robert Sharp says:

    The problem with your piece is that it describes something that he isn’t doing. When you visit his blog he makes it clear that he is going to give away the episodes once he reaches 250,000 twitter followers. Nowhere does he say that they episodes are available for download. I’ve spent all morning looking for evidence of this but there is none.

    I’ve checked for any blog posts where he asks for money but there aren’t any of those either. Sure, he links to his friends website where she gets her clothes off but nobody is forcing anyone to click anything.

    If you are going to go after someone, for whatever reason, at least get your facts straight otherwise it really does look like some kind of hastily put together witch hunt. All sounds a bit funny to be honest.

    • Hi Robert

      Thanks for looking for evidence. The problem, of course, is that it has been removed, along with several other pieces that have been described here and elsewhere.

      RogueCyberman is no more likely to reach 250,000 followers than we are – not without buying them.

      “Witch hunt” is a very strong term. But who is most important, a dodgy guy trying to take money off people with promises of something close to their hearts, or protecting people from being taken in?

      Our facts are straight, and really, when have you ever seen Doctor Who websites getting together to deal with something like this in the past? This is unprecedented, and is a clear indication of how seriously we’re taking the situation. Their are scores of people on Twitter and other places online who have been bullied and intimidated by this guy over this, and if we can at least put an end to that then we’ve made a difference.

      • avatar Robert Sharp says:

        Christian, with all due respect, that just isn’t true.

        Look at his twitter feed @roguecyberman today and you will see (if you check his @ mentions) that many people are now tweeting nasty and personal threats at him. You yourself are calling for his real name to be revealed.

        You claim he has bullied and intimidated people. When did this happen? From reading his twitter account it is clear that he has only ever responded to those who are abusive to him. The only bullying going on now is aimed at him, not the other way around.

        Seb at Doctor Who online called him a liar and a fraud and when challenged about his own Whois data Seb claimed that easyspace were keeping it private. RC linked to a Whois report that showed Seb’s details. He didn’t out anyone. Seb acted like a clown and got his ass handed to him on a plate. He then ran off and made a massive fuss when really he should have already known that his details were available via nominet. You could argue that RC did him a favour.

        You and the other websites keep saying that he is guilty of fraud and that he is trying to make money yet there is not one word on his blog where he asks for money. The opposite is true in fact. He states that he doesn’t want a penny from fans. He DOES state that he wants his website to make money (and what website owner doesn’t want that) but at no point is he trying to take money from fans.

        You also say he is after card details. Nowhere on his site does he ask for card details so, once again, you are wrong. Either deliberately or mistakenly.

        He has also made several statements offering people the chance to attend private screenings of the episodes but everyone has declined. If you think he is bluffing why not call his bluff and see what happens?

        Don’t believe me? Here it is as plain as day – [LINK REMOVED]

        You even say that you criticised him for scraping content. Something which there is no evidence for. Either that or he has stopped doing it and deleted everything. But you still encourage others to cut and paste his content on other websites, a practice which I’m sure you know is illegal.

        Finally there is a very nasty undercurrent to all of this where you and others are making statements like “put an end to this” and “he’ll be sorry”. If Seb really did call the Police I’m sure they would investigate everything thoroughly and then have a quite word with those who have issued direct threats against him.

        I challenge you to show me one shred of evidence (real evidence, not some screenshots that have so obviously been altered – check out the fonts – why are they different in the screenshots and RC’s blog?) that goes anywhere to proving that RC is a fraud or engaged in any fraudulent activity. You won’t because you can’t.

        Sorry Christian, it just doesn’t stack up.

        • Robert, I appreciate you taking the time to offer such a detailed defense of RC.

          He really doesn’t need it though. He has threatened legal action against people who don’t know any better than to back down, bullied women on Twitter and is lying about his motives.

          You say that we “encourage others to cut and paste his content” – when? Sounds like bullshit to me, and weakens your argument. Are you a sock puppet?

          You challenge for evidence? Why don’t you provide evidence that the episodes exist? We’ve already shared the screenshots hosted at DWO, which don’t look altered at all, despite what you claim.

          As for the matter of whether he has offered the episodes to download:

          “Recovered missing Doctor Who episodes now available to download [RC's website URL followed by]recovered-missing-doctor-who-episodes-now-available-to-download/ … #DoctorWho”

          There’s also this:

          “Missing Doctor Who episodes!!! In my members area!!! Download them for free now!!! [same link as above] … #doctorwho #missingepisodes”

          I think that says it all. Of course the page – like those RSS feeds he was lifting last year, has since been deleted. Or it might be that it never existed – but the URL does, and has been read by Google. Therefore thanks to the ways in which Google works, anyone looking for missing episodes can end up at RC’s website. That is underhand enough.

          Your credibility is crumbling on this matter, and I think unless you’re willing to declare your true interest in this matter, you should steer away from commenting on it.

          Because, and I don’t need to tell you this, 2013 is the most important anniversary in Doctor Who’s history and what fandom doesn’t need is a character like RC making these claims, it doesn’t need this sleazy undercurrent (the only “nasty undercurrent” to any of this) and it doesn’t need people to be taken in by this web of lies that Mr RC has been spreading on his blog, on “Katie’s Blog” or in any of the forums he’s been visiting.

          This is about responsibility, it’s about putting other people first. Do you think it is acceptable to stand back while someone makes these claims and abuses and humiliates people who question him? If so, that’s a pretty disgraceful world view.

          And please don’t post links to RC or else your comments will be blocked and deleted.

          • avatar Robert Sharp says:

            Oh I see. The old “if you agree with him you must be him” argument. Whatever.

            It’s all academic now anyway. Seems like you and your angry mob have finally succeeded. @roguecyberman and @timegirlkatie are now suspended and his blog has disappeared as well. It now just brings up the page of the domain registrar it was presumably registered with.

            I guess all your the stuff you said about naming and shaming him, going to the police for harassment, and generally threatening to send the boys round worked in the end.

            Congratulations. I hope you’re proud of yourself.

          • Proud of beating a bully? Yes.

            Proud of having left it so long? No.

        • And having read the link – same predictable nonsense.

          A change of story, yet the continued lack of any images, solid information about private screenings or an explanation of why an old man in Kent would choose a guy he never met who runs a porn site to share “his” films.

          Describing us or Blogtor Who as “old guard” is ridiculous.

          But I’ll tell you what, this guy, this comedian (although I don’t find the joke very funny), is very clever in his manipulation of people like you, Robert. I like the way he phrases his sentences, they’re very unique.

          Like his lies, they stand out a mile.

        • avatar Paddy says:

          Hard to find evidence now it’s been deleted but he was previously offering the episodes as part of the subscription. I saw it with my own two eyes. Your card details are required to join the porn site. And various people on forums have tried to take up his screening offers but have got nowhere.

          If you can, try checking some of the posts on GallifreyBase which include some of the now-deleted blog sections, fake comments he was adding, and attempts by people to verify his claims or get into one of these screenings of his. Makes for interesting reading in places.

          He’s supposedly going to release it all free… But hasn’t been able to provide so much as a screenshot to back up his claims to have the episodes. He’s supposedly held showings, and been interviewed on a radio station – but didn’t say what station or when. You have to admit it looks dodgy. It would be a very simple task to provide some basic evidence to support his claims. Instead, it’s just a lot of words with nothing to show for them.

  8. avatar simon smalley says:

    all very well but I still havent got an apology from dr who online over the web of fear fiasco.

    • That was a long time ago and DWO has learned from that. The situation is quite different.

  9. avatar simon smalley says:

    Not really dr who online had a load of new members added onto thier site after thier story broke a bit like this situation and I dont think they have learned if they havent apologised or reveld where there hoax came from there both the same.

    • I appreciate your point of view, Simon. But DWO didn’t attempt to sell access to several missing episodes through a pornographic website. DWO doesn’t habitually bully people on Twitter, through email or on online forums.

      DWO made a mistake, and will be long remembered for it. There is a difference.

  10. avatar Francis cave says:

    It does have to be said, despite being a complete and utter fraud they way rogue is running thing is quite impressive:

    You want evidence of missing episodes : i don’t have to provide it, the burden of proof is on you!

    You don’t believe me? : you are either a gallifrey base “forum monkey” or an ian levine sock puppet.

    Oh yes and I have managed to animate the ice warriors using cosgrove hall err.. Ex cosgrove hall employees. Want to see them ? Sign up with timegirl Katie (aka me as we are one in the same!) and even if you cancel your subscription in time so you are not charged I will still get paid a sign up fee.

    Still not happy and want to complain? I will just block you!

    All entertaining in a mad, twisted sort of way….

  11. avatar Strayaki says:

    Only issue with this article is that originally RC never asked for money to view the episodes on his members area. What you had to do was sign up to a Porn hub password site called Sexkey in which you had to provide your card details. The only catch with this was if you weren’t careful and didn’t read the small print you’d get charged €40 a month and RC would get a $20 sign

    I was suckered in up to that point. I am still really disappointed but I have been offered a screening and not sure whether to go and settle this once and for all!

    Kind Regards

    • avatar Francis cave says:

      So surely by signing up as you did you were able to see that nothing apart from some porn pics was there?

      Or Were you given some excuse with the promise of a screening at a secret location?

      If so good luck as you will be looking at a blank screen!

      • avatar Strayski says:

        You are correct there was naff all there. But one has to check for themselves rather than hearsay.

        As for the screening he pulled his sites and twitter before final plans were set…saved a wasted journey and petrol I guess :)

  12. avatar Bradondo says:

    I don’t really understand how anyone could want to defend this guy. It’s all such a gob-smackingly obvious scam. Any legitemate operator would provide some kind–any kind–of proof to back up their claims of having found lost episodes, and they certainly wouldn’t make anyone use a porn site to access them. Anyway regardless of the source these episodes still technically belong to the BBC. If anyone found them and did what this guy is claiming the Beeb would be all over them with enough lawyers to fill the Albert Hall.

  13. avatar vill970 says:

    If his past behavior is any indication, I suspect RC may well attempt to try another scam of a similar nature with fans of other shows – or even as he did last time, reopen his and TGK’s twitter accounts and play the professional victim in all this once again. I watched the whole sorry debacle unfold last year when my twitter account was followed by both RC & TGK – I’d say it was pretty much inevitable that he’d try something like this (newly discovered ‘missing DW episodes’ ) to drum up some more victims, since the whole ‘give us your credit card details as age verification’ method of access to pornography is just so quaint! (top tip – if you’re looking for that sort of stuff, 5 minutes on google – with the safe search feature turned off – and you’ll find a treasure trove of porn. For free.At your…um…fingertips.)

    But I digress. My point in posting, as an aside to the whole lost episode con, is concerning the “timegirlkatie” persona. Last year, another twitter user who had expressed concerns about the veracity of TGK and RC, tracked down the ‘katie’ photos to an escort website that predated both RC and TGK’s appearances on twitter. RC claimed at the time that photos had been stolen and put up on that site.

    I won’t link directly to the site in question, since it’s actually changed its name slightly in the last year, but no matter the name, the site works on essentially the exact same business model that RC / TGK attempted – throw some teaser photos up on a basic website, include some fake bio info on each girl, then in order for a user to see more, they must provide credit card details etc…

    After RC’s claims that Katies photos had been stolen and put up on this site, I looked at the site by way of the “waybackmachine” page at, which archives millions of webpages as they looked at different points in time – the earliest version of the escort site we’re talking about (‘greatbritishescorts’ as it was called then) was dated May of 2010. Viewing the site as it looked then reveals a pair of “escorts” from Nottingham named “Fiona” and “Sam” – both purportedly 19y/o etc etc. One of the girls in the photo with this ad looks…very much… like Katie, except for the longer darker hair. (Note also the butterfly tattoo on the left side of her stomach)

    In later scrapes of the site, the same photos of these 2 girls appear again a number of times, only their names become Lisa and Vicky, 18 years old, from Bristol.
    “Katie” begins her appearances on the site in Aug 2011, listing her as 18 and from Brighton – Katie having shorter blonde colored hair, and (seemingly) no tattoo.

    However, with the resurgence of RC and his antics recently, I was looking at the TGK site again, and I spotted something in one of her pictures that isn’t seen on any other. I’ll post the relevant evidence in the album at the following:

    My thoughts… RC either made use of the photos of ‘katie’ to create his site, or else the ‘escort’ sites themselves that predate the TGK con were also his creation, and the TGK persona was created in order to try and appeal to a different clientele.

    As I recall, when TGK first appeared on Twitter, there was this backstory being created to the effect that she’d been approached in a nightclub (on her 18th birthday, no less) by some nasty man who wanted her to model naked for him so he could take photos. This story was being told to us more or less exactly a year ago – and at that point katie was claiming she’d never done anything like that (glamour photos) before. Given the “wayback machine” shows the photos were online months before this story was being told, I’ll leave you to draw your own conclusions…

    One last thing I did want to comment on however, is that I’m seeing posts here and there from folks wanting proof that he (RC) has these recovered lost episodes of DW. In my opinion I think these folks are giving RC far too much credit – pointing out the holes in his porn scam should be more than enough for us all to realize that the lost eps are nothing more than a new honeytrap designed to part willing victims from their credit card numbers

    Apologies for the rambling, hope my point comes across – last year RC / “TGK” went offline after attracting too much attention and being called out on his con – only to re-surface a few days later lamenting the fact that folk were trying to boot them off the internet etc. I’d say keep a sharp eye out, because I’d be surprised if it didn’t all happen again…

  14. I’d just like to thank everyone who posted positive comments on this thread and shared it with wider fandom. Also thanks to Robert Sharp for giving us the opportunity to discuss some arguments in depth, however misguided your posts were.

    People were bullied and harassed by this clown. Personally, I have had my fill of it, but it is pleasing to know that there are so many accounts of what he got up to online that you don’t have to be a bright one to work out that action was overdue.

    Kasterborous is very grateful to have been a part of this action. I daresay we may revisit this topic and the surrounding nonsense in future.

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