Doctor Who News Did the Eleventh Doctor meet The Beatles? Or was it just their roadie?

Published on February 5th, 2013 | by Meredith Burdett

Do Photos Prove Doctor Who Is “Real”?

Have you ever turned your head at work convinced that you can hear a wheezing or groaning noise ushering into existence? Ever thought that maybe you saw a glimpse of a battered, black leather jacket darting quickly around a corner or maybe the sight of a blue box just disappearing at the end of your road before you can focus your eyes?

Well, the good news is that you may not be as barmy as you think you are.

Did the Eleventh Doctor meet The Beatles? Or was it just their roadie?

Did the Eleventh Doctor meet The Beatles? Or was it just their roadie?

A recent blog from the Houston Press website has produced five photographs that support the fact that Doctor Who is real and to be fair, they’re pretty convincing.

One picture on a clay tablet from the Mycenaean palaces at Pylos and Knossos from at least 1450 BCE depicts what is clearly a Dalek, some experts will say that it’s body armour but they’re only experts, we know the real truth. There’s a TARDIS in a stained glass window in Saint Joseph’s Oratory in Montreal. It’s real and quite eerie and if you are of the cosplay orientation then it seems like an excellent prop to use if you’re re-enacting the opening scene from The End of Time, Part One. There’s also one picture that’s clearly Photoshopped to show the TARDIS in the background of a speech given by US President Barack Obama but it’s still fun all the same.

But it’s the last picture that’ll really get the hairs on the back of your neck standing up. It’s a photograph taken by Robert Whitaker, the official photographer of the Beatles. The image shows a young man sitting next to the fab four as they practice, the young man in question looks exactly like Matt Smith, and when we say exactly we mean like for like, same chin and everything. Has Steven Moffat gone the extra mile to produce method acting and actually invented time travel? With his brain we cannot rule anything out.

Have a look at the pictures and judge for yourself!


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11 Responses to Do Photos Prove Doctor Who Is “Real”?

  1. avatar Clara says:

    Do photo’s prove doctor who is real… urgg noo you mean Do photo’s prove that the Doctor is real. You are hated by many whovians.

    • No, Clara. Mez asks “Do photos prove that Doctor Who is “real” – as in the TV show. Sorry if this is too tough a sentence for you to comprehend.

      And who is hated by many Whovians? Poor Mez?

      And what is wrong with your Shift key?

    • avatar isabelle says:

      yes they do, thay prove it

  2. avatar Drew says:

    I saw this awhile back…it absolutely proves that Doctor Who is not a fictional show, but a documentary.

  3. avatar Neil Hogan says:

    Classic! Though of course, if Doctor Who ran until 2263, there would likely be even more lookalikes of future doctors in past photos discovered, purely because we keep having offspring who are pretty similar to our ancestors.

  4. avatar Alex says:

    I thought this photo was widely reported about 18 months ago? It came to light around the same time some Civil War-era photo showing Nicholas Cage was discovered, proving him to be a vampire.

    • Yes, the photo has been done before. The point of the article is not the very attractive photo, however, but the other things, found via the link :)

  5. avatar isabelle says:

    i think the doctor is real because if he was seen with the beatles
    shudent he be older now if he wasent real?

  6. avatar isabelle says:

    and who dosent think hes real?

  7. avatar isabelle says:

    if he was with the beatles in that pic if he wasent real he woud be older

    • avatar isabelle says:

      who does think hes real?

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