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Published on February 15th, 2013 | by Christian Cawley

Did Steven Moffat Admit to The Eleven Doctors?

What do you really want for the Doctor Who 50th anniversary? Is it fun, excitement, the conclusion of a massive arc… or is it the satisfaction of seeing The Eleven Doctors, reunited as they should be?

Attribution pending

Attribution pending

We’re not sure either. Or we weren’t, until we learned this morning that Steven Moffat had tacitly admitted that a character crash of Time Lords was exactly what he had been writing…

Getting the other Doctors involved would be very fitting for the anniversary episode, wouldn’t it?

We’ve heard from Doctor Who Online that Steven Moffat did indeed say those words at the BBC Drama Commissions event this week.

Reported in the Mirror, all surviving Doctors are believed to have agreed to take part in the anniversary special. We know that Colin Baker has denied involvement, but that was several weeks ago now – things might well have changed.

There are also suggestions that older Doctors – and those sadly no longer with us – will be represented using archive footage and CGI. Given that the production is being made in 3D and that mixing old footage with new can be done on a laptop with reasonable results, it’s fair to assume that this rumour can become a reality.

What do you think? Is this really an admission, or Steven Moffat subterfuge?


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9 Responses to Did Steven Moffat Admit to The Eleven Doctors?

  1. avatar Rick Lundeen says:

    It wouldn’t really surprise me as it’s what I guessed a while back, plus—-it’s really the only way TO do it, so fingers crossed! Further, past Doctors keep saying they haven’t heard a thing or been talked to. I think they’re lying through their teeth and having a ball doing it. I’ll bet there’ll be some voice over work done to be thrown into the proceedings when the 11th Doctor speaks with his past selves.

  2. avatar Bradondo says:

    Although the Moff certainly has a history of subterfuge and general teasery I don’t think he would be cruel enough to drop a hint like this if it weren’t true. I think we’ve got a great opportunity here to bring the 11 together. If Tron:Legacy can give us a 25 year old Jeff Bridges then I think the beeb can give us appropriately aged previous Doctors. As far as the first three Doctors are concerned we already have David Bradley playing Hartnell in a production this year, so why not take advantage of it? Jon Pertwee’s son Sean could pass as his father with minimal makeup and Patrick Troughton could be played by his son David (with appropriate make-up). The voices could be manipulated digitally as well. I would love to see this as it would not only give us the 11 Doctor story we all crave but would give a nice family feel to the proceedings. It all comes down to whether or not tue BBC is willing to fund the extra CGI…

  3. avatar Jef Hughes says:

    Asking men to take the places of their late fathers sounds pretty crass to me…

    • I’d be surprised if they did that. Very surprised.

      But then, David Troughton said in DWM when he was voicing the Second Doctor that his dad wouldn’t have minded, so who knows?


  4. avatar Bradondo says:

    Hmmm…not really sure how that would be “crass.” David Troughton and Sean Pertwee have both said in the past that they’re proud of their respective fathers and their involvement in Who. I think it could be a wonderful way to celebrate the legacy. Anyway no one would be forcing them. They could just say “no, I don’t think that’s appropriate.” I don’t find anything disrespectful or below board in the idea at all. I don’t expect it would happen, but I doubt that either Troughton or Pertwee would find it in poor taste to be asked.

  5. avatar Rick Lundeen says:

    I don’t think family stepping up to portray their father’s roles is at all crass. It’s done with respect and keeping it in the family. I *would* say that physically, it might be a little odd considering Sean Pertwee is rather on the short side and David Troughton is rather on the tall side. However, David has performed as the 2nd Doctor on some audio adventures and others have taken the parts of the 1st and 3rd Doctors as well. The guy from Dead Ringers, in addition to doing a great Tom Baker, does a great Pertwee as well. I see all these guys doing voice overs to see the scenes through.

  6. avatar Shadowfather says:

    While I have my own views towards how the 50th Anniversary should be, I think what I can agree on when discussing it with First/Second Doctor fans is we really don’t want the BBC to get actors to play those roles!

    It’s been expressed several times over the few months, but still we seem to be in a position where a small majority want people to assume their characters, since the original actors are dead and have been for years. It’s unforgivable, and fans have made it quite clear they don’t want a First Doctor reboot, so why should they be forced into having this?

  7. avatar Ian says:

    It would be great. But the article in the Mirror says that the special will be Matt Smiths final story.
    You can read the article in the link below. After reading it I decided to tweet Doctor 5-8. I wonder if they will reply lol.

  8. avatar QuiGonJ says:

    At Gally, Nick Briggs said that the multidoctor story is Big Finish’s “Light at the End” and some reporter mixed it up, saying “Light at the End” was to be written by Steven Moffat (it isn’t) and it was to be televised (it isn’t). He has spoken directly with Steven and made it known it wasn’t him. So I don’t the reality of anything, just what was said.

    And Moffat said there will be more than just one special, and there will be a Christmas special this year in a video shown at Gally’s year end media review.

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