John Barrowman and Eve Myles in Torchwood: Miracle Day

Chris Chibnall on Miracle Day Flaws

Let’s face it; Torchwood had something.

Call it an essence, a point of view or a sensibility – regardless of what synonym you choose it managed to pull you in with a wink, a nudge and roll of its eyes.

John Barrowman and Eve Myles in Torchwood: Miracle Day

Captain Jack and Gwen Cooper stand around doing nothing during a global catastrophe…

There was nothing else like it on television which is why passions still run high for its potential return.

That attitude meant something to its loyal fans and while there’s no faulting ambition and potential Torchwood: Miracle Day, for all its promise of a new dawn, hamstrung the show with excessive ideas and reductive storytelling.

Someone who believes something got lost in translation is Torchwood writer Chris Chibnall who has criticised it for lacking the ‘essence’ of the show.

Speaking to Starburst (via Digital Spy) Chibnall commented:

Whether you like or dislike Torchwood, it has an essence – of madness and cheekiness and sexiness, and fun and darkness, those sort of polar facets of what it’s about, of putting those things together – and somehow it lost a bit of that somewhere in the process.

When we were first talking about it, it was something a bit bolder, a bit cheekier. It may just come back to the fact that one of the great essences of Torchwood was taking those American tropes and doing them in Wales.

In a way, that’s what made Torchwood so brilliantly odd. Once you put it in California, it becomes more like other shows.

Despite its unique perspective, Chibnall – whose new series Broadchurch, staring David Tennant, begins in March – has cast doubt on the likelihood of there being a further series of the show:

It’s entirely down to Russell – I would expect he will have other things he’ll want to write, to be honest.

In October Russell T. Davies confirmed that the show wasn’t cancelled but was in ‘a nice limbo’.

So do you think the show had USP worth reviving? Are you glad it’s in limbo? Would you like to see it return and in what form?

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