Merchandise 11th Doctor titles

Published on February 26th, 2013 | by Andrew Reynolds

Big Screen Doctor Who Merchandise Licence Granted

Gearing up for its Doctor Who 3D anniversary cinematic outing? Tarco International certainly is, and the bulk suppliers of licenced capsuled toys for coin-operated machines often found blinking away in cinema lobbies have announced a special anniversary range of products.

11th Doctor titles

The company, who during their two year deal with the BBC to supply officially licenced toys, have already released such items as 3D character bag charms, mini slide viewers with scenes from the show, pull-backs, mini light-ups, character yo-yos, bouncy balls and 3D mini bobble head characters are promising ‘some truly different ideas’.

Says the company:

The 2 year contract will allow us to help celebrate the show’s 50th Anniversary as well as have product available for the planned cinematic release.

We suspect that this refers to the possibility of a cinematic screening for the 50th anniversary episode, rather than a so-far unannounced movie.

While there are no details of what exactly is pending for vending the deal means that in theory, fans and collectors will have a new range of exciting toys to snap up after heading to cinemas to see the 3-D fiftieth anniversary special.

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2 Responses to Big Screen Doctor Who Merchandise Licence Granted

  1. avatar Rick Lundeen says:

    I guess this is the only way Doctor Who will actually make it into the theaters but hey, I’ll take it. Although I’m sure it won’t be over here in the theaters, except maybe in New York, which does no one else any good.

    • avatar Craig E says:

      It basically is a movie anyway, at 90-minutes long. It just happens that it will be on TV (available in 3D) at the same time. I’ll be watching in 3D on my TV, which makes me glad for online deals and my old one breaking.

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