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Published on February 9th, 2013 | by Christian Cawley

BBC Claims Matt “Around for a while yet”

Following concerns that Matt Smith’s casting in a new Hollywood movie could be the first sign of his impending departure, the BBC has told The Mirror that the actor isn’t leaving just yet… Matt with exhibits

It was revealed this week that Matt is playing a lead role in a new Ryan Gosling film (me neither…) called How to Catch a Monster. Although there is nothing firm concerning the scheduling of the production, it seems to be straight after the recording of the 50th anniversary special – raising concerns among fandom of the future of the Eleventh Doctor and the timing of Doctor Who Series 8.

The tabloid paper reports that a BBC spokesperson said:

“As in previous years Matt is taking advantage of a gap in the Doctor Who production schedule to take on another project. It’s the 50th year of Doctor Who and Matt is committed to the show. He will be around for a while yet.”

Of course, how you define “a while yet” is up to you…

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11 Responses to BBC Claims Matt “Around for a while yet”

  1. avatar TimeChaser says:

    This is the way its always been. Something happens that starts rumors that he’s going to leave, and then either the BBC or Matt himself will reiterate that he’s sticking with the show for the foreseeable future. I thinks this kind of thing has happened every year since he took over.

    • I think the difference this time is the sparsity of Doctor Who (as a series) over the coming months as opposed to what we got from 2005-2008 and 2010-2011. One can hardly be surprised, as the silence and secrecy is very similar to what we got back in 2008 prior to the 2009 specials being announced.

      That isn’t to say that I’m being critical of the BBC for their silence as I understand that there are very good reasons to not spill the beans at this stage. However, it doesn’t help when it comes to key personnel taking roles elsewhere…

    • avatar Alex says:

      David Tennant mentioned on Norton or some such show that people began asking him when he was going to leave the moment he started. Nothing new here. People have also been working on assumption that there’s going to be a fall season, even though it’s been confirmed that isn’t happening. If the show is moving back to a spring start for Season 8 there is plenty of time for him to sneak in a movie during the down time after the anniversary special is shot. Gillan did We’ll Take Manhattan, Darvill did a big play, and Smith did the Christopher and His Kind TV movie and that one about the Olympic rowers all during past gaps. Heck, there’s still time for them to sneak in a Christmas special if they want too. And I disagree with Christian’s statements below – there is nothing different going on here. Except for the special (and even then look at it as being in lieu of the Christmas special), this is the same scheduling we were used to between 2004 when production started in July as I recall and the end of Series 4 production which ran well into 2008.

  2. avatar Drew says:

    I heard that Matt has already left and that Whoopi Goldberg has been secretly cast as the 12th Doctor. Her companion will be whoever wins X Factor next season.

  3. avatar BOJAY says:

    As I’ve commented elswhere, I think that the way Doctor Who schedules production now is a good thing. It allows its regulars opportunties to do other thngs, and that makes it all the more attractive to actors in th long run. Matt not being staightjacketed to the show for ten months a year, if anything, might even lead to his staying on longer. We fans have to face the fact that Doctor Who is in transition. I doubt that we are ever going to see thirteen episodes a year ever again. The BBC is placing the show on the more traditional british paradigm of the concept of “series”, and even if we get only six or seven episodes a year, that’s still more than a lot of other shows (Sherlock, anyone?).

    • “The BBC is placing the show on the more traditional british paradigm of the concept of “series”, and even if we get only six or seven episodes a year, that’s still more than a lot of other shows (Sherlock, anyone?).”

      Except at 90 minutes per episode, a series of Sherlock runs to around the same length as a six or seven episode run of Doctor Who…

      • avatar Bob James says:

        But does Sherlock cost as much to make as Doctor Who? I seriously doubt that it does, Christian. My statement about “british series paradigm” places Doctor Who on an equivalent level. The BBC probably are going with less episodes, and more invested in their budgets.

        • As I understand it, the BBC has very similar budgets for different types of drama, running to different series lengths and episode durations. Given the number of characters in an episode of Sherlock compared to the typical Doctor Who (which has a longer run of episodes to spread the budget over) I think you will probably be surprised to find that their budgets are quite similar.

          • avatar BOJAY says:

            I was unaware of that. I simply assumed that taking even the CGI alone into account, Doctor Who might be more expensive than other shows which didn’t use or used a relatively small amount of special FX.

  4. avatar Bradondo says:

    I see the consensus (at least amongst the posters here) is pretty much my opinion on this–Matt has plenty of time between production blocks to take on other projects and this, in turn probably makes staying on the programme that much more attractive. I would add, though just a friendly admonishment to fans who let every little bit of rumor, gossip or even legitemate info put their pantaloons in a twist–when you automatically assume the worst and then get online and start broadcasting gloom-and-doom predictions it adds to the already frustratingly muddy waters of Doctor Who info in the media. Not every announcement portends something sinister! Instead of thinking “Oh no! Matt must be stepping down!” my first reaction was “Good on you, mate!” More success and exposure for Matt brings more success and exposure to Who, and that’s always a good thing for the health and future of the programme.

  5. avatar gruff says:

    Didn’t spot this until I’d posted on the story about the Anniversary special (s) non-announcement. But think my post on there can be applied to Matt as much as it can to Moff.

    Let us enjoy him while he’s here and we shall see him return for the 100th, probably still younger than Hartnell would have been had he been around in 1983.

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