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Published on February 16th, 2013 | by Meredith Burdett

Baking Show Host Considered Female Doctor Material?

What’s you view on a female version of the Doctor? Are you the kind of person who thinks that the Time Lord should remain just exactly that-a Lord? Or would you prefer the Doctor’s next regeneration to leave him looking more like Chancellor Flavia than Grigori Rasputin?


We only ask because the Daily Mirror (a red top, tabloid newspaper for all overseas readers) published an article yesterday suggesting that a popular choice to play the next incarnation of the Doctor is comedian Sue Perkins who some of you may recognise from the BBC reality show Great British Bake Off.

This is not the first time that rumours of a female Doctor have surfaced; in fact it’s something that’s been whispered in cloisters and around Eyes of Harmony for many years now. Steven Moffat even told an American audience at a Doctor Who screening last year that he was the one who inserted the reference in The Doctor’s Wife regarding Time Lord regeneration not necessarily giving you the same sex every time, let’s not forget that Moffat was the first Doctor Who writer to change the Doctor into a woman in the form of Joanna Lumley in the 1999 Comic Relief special The Curse of Fatal Death. Considering the fact that Moffat has taken lots of ideas from Doctor Who material he wrote before the show came back, would it be such a leap for him to change the Doctor’s sex for regeneration?

Many fans were happy to consider Sue Perkins in the role, whilst many others were threatening to boycott the show entirely if she, or any other woman, took control of the TARDIS and the Doctor’s life.

However the whole scenario originates with the SciFind website, who for reasons best known to themselves reckon Big Finish would be interested in revamping their Unbound range with Perkins as a female Doctor, something that has of course already been done to great effect with Arabella Weir. Perkins has responded on Twitter to the suggestion, saying that she is “beyond flattered”.

Our own editor considers the situation “beyond nonsense”, but what are your views? Should the Doctor remain male or is there far more potential for him if he swings the other way?


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19 Responses to Baking Show Host Considered Female Doctor Material?

  1. avatar TimeChaser says:

    “A popular choice” being code for BS-ing for their own amusement and to see how fans might react.

    On a serious note about the idea of a female Doctor, I think I would be able to accept it as long as they were able to cast someone who could really capture the essence of the character. As long as the process is the same, it doesn’t matter if they ever choose a woman at some point. Although, there’s a part of me that’s also a purist and doesn’t think they should genderbend. We know there are Time Lords and Time Ladies. Why confuse it further?

  2. avatar TonyS says:

    I have no problem with the idea of a female Doctor. I also think Sue Perkins would make an excellent Doctor. Just one question. When has Matt Smith indicated that he is leaving soon?

  3. avatar Carl says:

    From a logical point of view, if Gallifreyans regenerate twelve times, surely the change of sex would have happened on regeneration six – so the seventh Doctor would be the first female. That said, if the actor chosen was good enough and the stories were good enough, the age, sex or colour of the character is irrelevant. A good Doctor could be any of the above.

  4. avatar Bradondo says:

    I’m in the US so I don’t read the Mirror, but every time a Mirror story has been mentioned online with regards to some scoop about Dr. Who it’s always turned out to be rubbish. I suspect they’re a paper similar to the gossipy tabloids we have here–if there’s nothing juicy happening with one of their pet subjects they invent something to sell papers. That said I have mixed feelings about the possibility of a female Doctor. I think it could work but I’m not sure I’d want them to do it. I doubt it would ever happen, though–I think it’s just too big a change and the BBC would never risk it.

  5. avatar BOJAY says:

    Obviously, Kasterborous has currently nothing or no better topics to write about. Well, no website is perfect………….

    • That’s a bit harsh. Tabloid newspapers are claiming that this is for the TV show. We thought fans might like to know the truth.

      That is, after all, what we are here for.

      • avatar BOJAY says:

        To give the tabloids any attention is to validate them and their unending stream of bullshit. They are simply not a reliable source of any real information. And I don’t beleive that any fan of Doctor Who, especially those on the UK side that are familiar with this garbage, need anyone to set the record straight as to what the truth is regarding this crap. And almost any other article present now on Kasterborous displays the usual integrity we have come expect from this website. I would have been led to beleive that that is what the site is here for.

  6. avatar Jim says:

    IMHO That would be the Britsih equivalent of “jumping the shark”. If Colin Baker’s outfit was the beginning of the end of the classic series… A female Doctor would signal the beginning of the end of newWho. Do we need a Time Lady? Bring back Romana. Cast it right. Build up the character and do a spin off. With the loss of Lis Sladen, we need that vacuum filled! The Doctor is essentially a Bristish gentleman. Lets keep him that way.

    • avatar Mark says:

      “Bring back Romana. Cast it right. Build up the character and do a spin off. With the loss of Lis Sladen, we need that vacuum filled!”

      I love this idea. It’d be great with Lalla Ward in it as well.

  7. avatar callinton says:

    I never want a female Doctor for a start. As far as this story goes, I like sue Perkins but if she was made the new Doctor they would be doing something totally radical yet completely unoriginal. Look at that picture. She’s just a female David Tenant.

  8. avatar callinton says:

    Obviously the photo was chosen to illustrate the female (tenth) Doctor potential of Perkins but even so, she isn’t an actress and her personality is very close to Tenant’s portrayal. Ahh why am I commenting on this? It isn’t even real! I like Jim’s idea.

    • “obviously”? I simply looked for the worst photo I could find!

      • avatar callinton says:

        Ah I see. Unintentional Tenant.

        • Indeed. In most photos she sports the classes/androgynous suit look anyhow, so I was always onto a loser picking any picture.

          • avatar Philip Bates says:

            I might start saying ‘Unintentional Tennant.’ Love it. callinton deserves a medal.

  9. avatar Andrew says:

    No. It’s a man’s part and would only serve to please the PC brigade rather than be done for the right reasons for the show. Besides we’ve already had a female Doctor in Doctor Donna, and River Song is as much a female Doctor. It is time however we had some Time Ladies back. Romana needs a come back.

  10. avatar Philip Bates says:

    I think general consensus throughout all of fandom and beyond: no to female Doctors. While I like Sue Perkins, there should never be a female Doctor. I don’t see why a Time Lord would change gender all of a sudden. Would you expect a female James Bond?

  11. avatar Amber says:

    I think this came from a list I saw a week or two ago based on the idea that in an alternate universe the Doctor had always been female, and listing female “equivalents” of the male actors who have played the part. Sue Perkins isn’t even an actor so I presume she was on the list as a female Tenth Doctor because she wears glasses. I’m surprised the Mirror chose to pick up on her though as the suggestion for the female Eleventh was Miranda Hart, who I’m sure is considered much more annoying by most and would therefore have made a better story!

  12. avatar Doc Whom says:

    Sue Perkins? That’s on a par with suggesting Paul Daniels for the Doctor.

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