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Published on January 20th, 2013 | by Christian Cawley

Tennant Turned Down by Fielding & Padbury!

The  Project Motor Mouth convention this weekend brought David Tennant together on stage with several of his predecessors, notably Paul McGann, Peter Davison and Sylvester McCoy .

David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor

Although Colin Baker was unable to make the event at the eleventh hour, the other guests – assembled to raise money for the Project Motor House, with which Janet Fielding is involved.

As reported by, various interesting things were revealed by Tennant:

  • Both Janet Fielding and Wendy Padbury refused to represent David as a young actor (both former actresses became agents; Fielding was Paul McGann’s agent when he was cast as the Doctor).
  • Tennant is possibly returning to the RSC in Richard II.
  • Filming Hamlet for DVD for easier than expected.
  • The Tennant household has an infestation of ladybirds.
  • Twiggs’ voice will be changing in Tree Fu Tom‘s second series as David Tennant will not be returning due to a schedule clash.

Obviously there are a few things there to keep an eye on (notably the ladybirds Richard II) so we’ll let you know if there are any developments in that area.


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6 Responses to Tennant Turned Down by Fielding & Padbury!

  1. avatar daniel says:

    Come on David!

    you know Sonic setting 802 gets rid of them!!

  2. avatar francis cave says:

    Colin must have been able to make the convention at some point as I’ve just seen a pic via his twitter showing with him, Janet and the other five Doctors which was taken there.

  3. avatar mike says:

    He got there a couple of hours before the end on Saturday to do autographs.

    Fantastic event, a real credit to the 10th Planet guys.

  4. avatar Nancy says:

    Typo? Or bad reporting? That should read, “Project Motor Mouth”–an affection nickname for Janet Fielding, I believe.

  5. No Nancy, a lack of awareness of the Project Motor Mouth convention’s aims and the Project Motor House project on your part, I suspect.

    The relevant link does follow the article. ;)

  6. avatar BOJAY says:

    Shows what they knew………

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