Merchandise 50th anniversary Doctor Who coin released by New Zealand Mint

Published on January 24th, 2013 | by Christian Cawley

New Zealand Mint Commissions Commemorative Doctor Who Coins!

We’ve just heard that New Zealand – the second country in the world to air Doctor Who back in 1964 – will be issuing legal tender, collectible coins to celebrate the show’s 50th anniversary!

50th anniversary Doctor Who coin released by New Zealand Mint

In a collaboration with BBC Worldwide Australasia, the New Zealand Mint’s collectible coin is a one-ounce silver .999 coin which features an engraved picture of the TARDIS, as well as a unique 50th Anniversary logo.

Packaged in a 3D model replica of the TARDIS, owners will be greeted with the familiar “vworp” noise when opened. The coins themselves are issued by New Zealand Mint as legal tender, under the authority of the South Pacific Island nation Niue, making them a must-have item for fans to collect.

Further coins will follow, featuring all eleven Doctors, from the First Doctor played by William Hartnell, to the current incarnation – Matt Smith. New Zealand Mint is also planning further Doctor Who coin releases for 2014 and 2015!

Rachael Hammond is BBC Worldwide’s Senior Licensing Executive, Consumer Products:

We are thrilled to be partnering with New Zealand Mint on this global deal. It is an historic year for the Doctor Who brand, and we are pleased to be able to bring this unique product to Doctor Who fans and coin collectors alike.

Said Simon Harding, NZ Mint Chief Executive:

I grew up watching Doctor Who as a child in New Zealand which, coincidentally, was the first country outside the UK to screen the show. It’s a great honour to now be asked to produce these coins to celebrate the 50th anniversary. Fans are going to really like what we’ve come up with.

Official launch of the coins will take place at the World Money Fair in Berlin on February 1st and they are available for pre-order at the New Zealand Mint website from today. Selected international coin distributors may also supply these special commemorative currencies.


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10 Responses to New Zealand Mint Commissions Commemorative Doctor Who Coins!

  1. avatar richelle taylor says:

    how do i order the dr who coins, and how much are they. i would need three sets.
    thank you
    richelle taylor

    • I should follow the link in the article :)

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  3. avatar richelle taylor says:

    i still didn’t get an answer this is the exact same screen i found before. how do i get the dr who commemorative coins? this is also pretty much the same question i asked before. i guess my question should be is there even an answer to my question? considering this is all over the internet customers interested in this would also be interested to know you can’t get a simple question answered so is this real or a scam.

    • Go to
      Click Doctor Who banner
      Click pre-order.


  4. avatar richelle taylor says:

    there is still no price showing and how do i pre order there isn’t anything there but pictures.again how do i get this information, and where do i go from here. it doesn’t tell me anything.

    • The price is in the top right corner. Have you tried reading the website?

      Perhaps you would like me to buy it for you as well?


  5. avatar richelle taylor says:

    maybe i am looking in the wrong place i do not see a price in the upper right hand corner. i am not trying to be obnoxious or annoy you but i am just not seeing it. is there anyway you can email me an order form? forgive me i am not terribly computer savvy and i keep getting lost. i have an autistic son and when he saw these he got very excited about them. please bear with me i seriously am trying. and you have been so kind to respond to me and i am very grateful for that.
    thank you
    r taylor

    • Hi Richelle

      We’re simply reporting on the New Zealand Mint’s offer. Everything you need is via the address – if you don’t see what you’re looking for, perhaps you are being region blocked?

      Obviously I can’t send you an order form, as such a thing is not mine to send.

      Forgive me for being a little cheeky earlier.


      • Richelle, I have emailed you through the account you use on Kasterborous (beginning “Viking”). Let me know if you have received this, it should prove useful.

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