Merchandise Doctor Who DVD Board Game for 2013 release?

Published on January 22nd, 2013 | by Christian Cawley

Doctor Who DVD Board Game Imminent

On display at this year’s Toy Fair right now is the Doctor Who DVD Board Game, expected for release this year to celebrate the show’s 50th anniversary.

Doctor Who DVD Board Game for 2013 release?

Featuring in excess of 100 clips from the show and thousands of questions, the game is licensed by BBC Worldwide and appears to combine DVD play via remote control with navigation around a physical board, according to reports.

Questions have been pitched for families and hardened fans, with simple observational questions for the former and expert questions for the latter.

Richard Wells is Sales Director of Paul Lamond Games:

Doctor Who celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, making it the longest-running science fiction television programme in the world, and a national institution.

This new board game is sure to be a hit with families and enthusiasts alike.

Although a Scene It Doctor Who game was released back in 2008, we reckon now is the time for this sort of game to get Doctor Who fans going – and we can’t wait!


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4 Responses to Doctor Who DVD Board Game Imminent

  1. avatar Si Gerard says:

    I can’t see the whole box but it looks as though the Ice Warrior is the only classic monster on the cover art. Wonder if I should take that as a reassuring sign that their hoped-for return in 7b will see them retaining a classic look.

    • There is a chance that the box art isn’t the final approved version, though :s

  2. avatar Si Gerard says:

    Pesky realists…

  3. avatar Alex says:

    If BBC Worldwide is licensing the game, I don’t suppose it’s too much to hope that for once this might be something that’ll be made available outside the UK? We never did see the Scene It game over here.

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