Doctor Who News Ian and Barbara investigate a Totter's yard in An Unearthly Child

Published on January 21st, 2013 | by Christian Cawley

An Adventure in Space and Time Producer Named

Mark Gatiss’ An Adventure in Space and Time is set to go before cameras in February/March and on Friday evening its producer, Matt Strevens, came forward to claim his position on the project.

Ian and Barbara investigate a Totter's yard in An Unearthly Child

Strevens – who previously oversaw Channel 4′s Misfits superpowers show – wasn’t letting on much, however:

Other than shooting in Wimbledon and an approximate February/March recording, there is very little in the public domain for this one. David Warner has been rumoured to have been cast as William Hartnell but this could be just as much a piece of fantasy casting speculation as anything tangible. One thing is for sure though – as soon as everything is in place, the BBC is likely to let us know who is involved.

The dramatised telling of the early years of Doctor Who will most likely be broadcast in November, so there is plenty of time for speculation – but who would you cast in the key roles of actors and writers?


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    …..Starring Christian Cawley as Sydney Newman….?

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