Silent Witness star Tom Ward appears in Doctor Who: The Snowmen

Tom Ward and The Snowmen

Star of Silent Witness Tom Ward is among the list of impressive guest stars in the 2012 Doctor Who Christmas special, The Snowmen. He recently spoke about his character, Captain Latimer.

Silent Witness star Tom Ward appears in Doctor Who: The Snowmen

An old naval captain who “hasn’t been used to dealing with this children”, Captain Latimer nevertheless “wants to love them… but has struggled to build a relationship.”

Latimer is an archetypal Victorian gent, complete with a rather good (and genuine) beard. “You often get the obligatory moustache in a Victorian drama, but I wanted to go further and the beard seemed appropriate.”

Tom’s Silent Witness work over the past 10 years has resulted in a body of work that is unsuitable for his young children to watch. “My children are very excited that I am in Doctor Who and I am glad they have something that they can finally watch! My oldest child is 10, so this will give him bragging rights at school and hopefully me a little bit of school gate currency.”

Tom notes that Steven Moffat’s script was the real interest for drawing him to Doctor Who. “It was one of the best scripts I had read in a long time, and the thought of doing a period sci-fi was really fun.”

Although primarily a Tom Baker man, Ward has nothing but admiration for Matt Smith. “He is brilliant. He kept the set feeling happy and is full of energy,” says Tom. “He has a great relationship with the crew.”

Tom also has a scene with Richard E Grant: “he was a legend. An absolute delight.”

Despite a comparatively long career in TV, Tom Ward reveals that he doesn’t like watching himself on TV, but is prepared to make an exception on Christmas Day, when he’ll be watching The Snowmen with his family.

In the UK the episode airs at 5.15pm on Christmas Day, BBC One. North American viewers can catch the Christmas special at 9/8c on BBC America.

Christian Cawley

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