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The Tiptons Talk Assimilation2

With the final collected edition of Assimilation2 – the Doctor Who/Star Trek: The Next Generation IDW crossover comic series – set to be released in January, Comic Book Resources sat down with writers Scott and David Tipton to chat about the reaction to the series, how the series relates to each separate ongoing series and much more.

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With both sets of fans devout in their love for each properties: did the Tipton’s fear a backlash?

Scott: The fans have been nothing but great on this. As soon as the series was announced, there was almost no negative feedback — everyone was excited. And as we’ve done convention and bookstore signings over the course of the year, everyone has been super-friendly and complimentary. I think it comes through that we love both these properties and are trying to do right by both.

And doing right by both meant including the kind of unexpected relationships that shone a different light on familiar characters; something which the pair loved:

Scott: The Doctor was the most fun to write, while coming back to Picard after being away for a while was like putting on a pair of comfortable shoes. I also really liked writing some of the unexpected relationships like Amy and Dr. Crusher, or Rory and Worf.

David: Riker, Data, and the Doctor were all particular favorites. These three have important interactions throughout the series.

And of course, these unlikely pairings made for some of Assimilation2’s best scenes:

Scott: I have a soft spot for the more emotional scenes, I’ll confess, like Amy trying to convince Picard to listen to the Doctor, or the Doctor confessing to Amy and Rory that he was lying to Picard in order to spare him pain. But I think my absolute favorite moment was the sequence of the Doctor taking Picard into the future to show him the horrible futures in store if they didn’t act. I really felt like we got the tone right there.

Uniting the two differing worlds of the Doctor and Picard proved to be a matter of just how the two approached the genre of Sci-Fi: So how did they ‘make it so’?

Scott: We’ve said before that “Doctor Who” tends to be more “science-fantasy” as compared to “Star Trek’s” “science fiction.” I think by the nature of the story, with the Doctor and the Ponds coming aboard the Enterprise, it might have tilted a little bit more toward the Trek side, but we always tried very hard to keep it as balanced as possible.

David: We tried to strike a balance for purposes of the crossover. I wouldn’t really say that it leans more one way than the other.

For more on the Tipton’s opinions on why both properties have lasted for fifty years, what the future holds for another crossover tale and their thoughts now the series is over head over to CBR.

Star Trek: The Next Generation / Doctor Who: Assimilation2 Volume 2 TPB from IDW Publishing goes on sale in January, and you can pre-order it now from Forbidden Planet for just £9.32.

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