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Published on December 16th, 2012 | by Philip Bates

The Digital Devil in the Smoke

Following in the digital footsteps of The Angel’s Kiss: A Melody Malone Mystery, BBC Books will release The Devil in the Smoke, focussing on an adventure for ‘The Lizard Woman, The Troll and The Parlour Maid.’

(That’s Madame Vastra, Strax and Jenny to you and me.)

The Devil in the Smoke is likely to be a prelude to The Snowmen, released on 18th December, priced £1.99 and written by Justin Richards. Here’s what you can expect:

Madame Vastra, the fabled Lizard Woman of Paternoter Row, knew death in many shapes and forms. But perhaps one of the most bizarre of these was death by snow…

On a cold day in December, two young boys, tired of sweeping snow from the workhouse yard, decide to build a snowman – and are confronted with a strange and grisly mystery. In horrified fascination, they watch as their snowman begins to bleed…

The search for answers to this impossible event will plunge Harry into the most hazardous – and exhilarating – adventure of his life. He will encounter a hideous troll. He will dine with a mysterious parlour maid. And he will help The Great Detective, Madame Vastra, save the world from the terrifying Devil in the Smoke.

Sounds exciting, eh? Well, don’t get your hopes up – unless you have an eReader anyway. That’s right: once again, it’s a digital release only. C’mon, BBC Books. Sort it out.

However, similar to The Angel’s Kiss, the book is also set for release on CDby AudioGO too. Stay tuned…


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3 Responses to The Digital Devil in the Smoke

  1. avatar Francesco says:

    Well, you don’t have to own an eReader, at least not if it will be sold by Amazon too, like the previous one. All ebooks bought from Amazon can be read online, even without a Kindle (and I guess there are ways to read other formats too without any devices).

    So everyone can get their hope up, really… :-)

  2. Good point, Francesco. And indeed anyone with an iPhone, Android or Windows Phone device can get the free Kindle app and read their ebooks on their smartphone or tablet!

  3. avatar Philip Bates says:

    Ooh, I didn’t know that. Might check it out…

    Even so, I’d much prefer to read an actual book.

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