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Published on December 18th, 2012 | by Christian Cawley

New Theme Tune & Sequence for Christmas Special!

Throughout the first part of Series 7 we’ve been treated to a slightly different opening sequence in each episode of Doctor Who – but for The Snowmen, the music is also set to change!

Doctor Who Series 7 News

The BBC’s official Doctor Who website has announced that a “revamped theme tune and opening title sequence” will grace the Christmas episode.

“We can’t give too much away about the new-look titles except to say they are wonderfully dramatic and striking, with a couple of unexpected touches. In short, they’re a perfect way to welcome back the Doctor!

“This new arrangement remains true to the original, written by Ron Grainer back in 1963, but on Christmas Day you’ll hear it as it’s never sounded before. This latest version is more thrilling and powerful but retains that slightly scary quality that remains stirring no matter how many times you catch it.”

From 5.15pm on Christmas Day on BBC One and 9/8c on BBC America you will be able to catch The Snowmen and its new theme tune arrangement.

What are you expecting? Do you want a new, bassy, mysterious theme tune, evoking the original arrangement or for Ron Grainer’s legendary composition to take on a whole new shape?

Tell us below!


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4 Responses to New Theme Tune & Sequence for Christmas Special!

  1. avatar Krumstets says:

    They haven’t bettered the arrangement since the 70′s mix. I don’t think orchestral arrangements as opposed to electronic/syhthesised versions work as well.

    • I think it could be argued that orchestral = 1990s (although I like all of the orchestral versions used on TV)

  2. avatar James Guthrie says:

    Peter Howell’s version is my favourite – each to their own, eh? :-)

  3. avatar iLikeTheUDK says:

    That theme tune isn’t so true to the original. The bassline is extremely simplified (and thus far more repetitive) compared to previous arrangements (even Gold’s own, which has already done similar errors in the previous versions of the theme he made), and some parts don’t even make musical sense.

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