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Published on December 8th, 2012 | by Christian Cawley

New TARDIS Interior for Christmas Special!

Via SFX Magazine’s website, Doctor Who fans have today learned of a new TARDIS interior to be unveiled in The Snowmen.

If you don’t want to see the small detail image, don’t click the spoiler button below. If you’re reading this in a newsreader or in an email, now is the time to skip ahead.

[spoiler ]

New TARDIS Interior for Doctor Who Christmas Special

Designed by current production designer Michael Pickwoad, SFX describe the interior as being “home to the Doctor and Clara as they travel through space and time” for the remainder of Series 7.


What do you think? A suitable new look for the TARDIS, or is there something else going on here?


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7 Responses to New TARDIS Interior for Christmas Special!

  1. avatar Colinjohn says:

    Such a tease. We know that one episode centres on the TARDIS but that’s in one if the remaining episodes of series 7 so it could be from that and not the Christmas special.

  2. Just from the small image I can tell the new “feel” of the interior is very similar to how I would design it were I running the show. I love it already!

  3. avatar Stefan Palmer says:

    Look closely in the background. I can see a girder in the same style as the TV Movie console room. Exciting if it is…

  4. avatar time lord says:

    i hate it!!!

  5. avatar Spider-pope says:

    I never thought i’d say this, given how much i loved the coral design, but i’m going to miss the current TARDIS interior. It just fit 11′s personality perfectly.

  6. avatar stlshawn says:

    I agree with Bojay, i have not been disappointed yet.

    I do like all the work of Micheal Pickwood so far in the series. He has added a brooding darkness to the sets that just wasn’t there before. the coral design was “dark” as in not well let other than by green and blue lights, but not “gothic horror story creepy dark”.

    I have been well impressed by Pickwood’s designs ever since the “Christmas Carol” christmas episode. So many elements of Karzan’s mansion, the room as a child, the main entry hall, even the world outside the mansion, were so dead on to the feel of the show. I believe he has truly embraced the elements of the Gothic era of doctor who in the mid to late 1970′s, but updated it with the tools of today. Pickwood is truly a master of his art.

    This brings up a side note, that i won’t dwell on too much, but needs mentioning. DW Confidential. DWC introduced us to these people who deserve a bit of screen time for the amazing work that they do, and the new web based episodes seem to be more advertising than information. So, please BBC, PLEASE expand the web based “behind the scenes” episodes to make them longer even if they would include shaky camera shots, maybe some things where the audio is not quite stellar quality, etc. We are a hungry beast for doctor who related material of any sort, especially behind the scenes. Who fans tend to be a very curious lot, and would love to study every aspect of how this amazing piece of entertainment is created. I could easily go for 4 hours of behind the scenes for every episode.

  7. avatar csmt800 says:

    I am confused. Now dont get me wrong I do like it because it gives the feeling of a more practical scifi looking ship rather then the older steam punk feel but how did the tardis get the new interor. In the past it was explained that the tardis repaired its self but here it just change from a steam punk look to looking more like the earler 1960′s tardis and the inside of a star destroyer. I know that the tardis was going to explode and does that mean that the new xmas episode come later on after that event? But then again the doctor stop this from happening with the pandorica episode and it was the same befor and after that explosion.

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