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Published on December 28th, 2012 | by Christian Cawley

New Opening Titles Gallery!

In what is quite simply our largest ever image gallery yet, you can browse through over 150 screen caps from the new Doctor Who opening titles!

Unveiled in the 2012 Doctor Who Christmas special The Snowmen, the new opening title sequence has prompted a storm of comments from fans on both sides of the fence (hint: we LOVE it!)

Beginning and ending with a closeup of the TARDIS doors with lots of swirling maelstroms and vortexes in between (each recalling previous opening titles going all the way back to 1963) the new opening title sequence is an adventure in itself – and features the long-awaited restoration of the Doctor’s face to the intro graphics!

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Just remember to view these captures while humming the new theme tune arrangement ;)



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One Response to New Opening Titles Gallery!

  1. avatar iLikeTheUDK says:

    Brilliant concept, utterly awful execution. Looks like something from the early ’90s in terms of graphical fidelity (and no, I don’t think that was intentional); there’s hardly even any visible lighting on the TARDIS; the doors open not just in the wrong way but also very jerkily and abruptly; the Doctor’s face is barely visible; the illusion of depth is very lacking; many of the elements shown in this intro are obviously 2D videos and photos (very low-res, too) from external resources, awkwardly placed over one another; the colour palette is very poor and boring; and there’s also the overall feel that this was just done in a rush, within a day or two – there’s even a part (about a second before or after the logo appears) where if you look closely you’ll notice that one of the starfield elements on the top right corner of the screen continues zooming past the camera after all the others, and then pauses, before cutting away (not even fading – Just abruptly cutting out!).

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